paprika said

Recommendations for Tea Gift - Tin and Tea

I’m looking to get some tea as a gift and wanted to know if anyone has any favorites or recommendations for tea that is both really good but also has really nice presentation (like an elegant tin or box). In terms of budget, I’m looking to spend under $40. Thanks!

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Lumpkin said

Tea blends now has developed to a greatest love of fashionable people. There is one kind tea blends which includes rose floral tea, roselle, sweet-scented osmanthus, chrysanthemum tea, lavender, Honeysuckle tea and such floral tea. It is also a kind of special fun to see those tea leaves and flowers up and down. For those people who love to drink blends tea deeply, usually like to use several kinds of floral tea, looking very colorful. I have tasted some special teas at UMITEASETS. It is very favorable for the price.

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B. Pepper said

I received a “Tea Forte” gift box. Presentation was highest quality and their teas are very good, as well. Just checked their website, they have free shipping for orders over $25. You won’t be disappointed.

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