Brace Yourselves... Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming!

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From an email just sent out from Peony Tea S. :

As you probably know, the Black Friday/CyberMonday weekend is around the corner and that’s the time of the year retailers bring out our biggest discounts.

To give you a head start, we will be giving 30% off on tea leaves and 20% off on utensils to the general public from Friday to Monday.

You don’t have to hold your breath till then, with these coupons, you can enjoy the Black Friday discounts NOW:
sn075bn -tea leaves 30%
lx348po – tea wares 20%
One more thing, there are no limits to the number of uses per coupon, so if you want to help a friend(s) get ahead of the crowd, feel free to share!

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The last box of teas I bought on my trip to China just arrived an hour ago, so our Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals are coming together. Here are the important points:

Tea of the Month Club: Limited-term six month gift subscriptions will be available starting Friday, making the club very easy to give to friends and family. Black Friday through Cyber Monday, new subscriptions to tea of the month will be able to lock into a permanent monthly discount! Because of the limit of how much tea we can acquire, we will have only 75 total slots available on a first-come first serve basis.

Tea of the Month Reserve Club: We are offering 25 memberships to the first to sign up- try the teas too costly or limited for us to offer on our site. Learn more on the deals page.

Brand new limited teas: An innovative new Black tea, a Bilochun from Laoshan, and finally… more of the legendary Golden Fleece available Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is Pu’er Monday: We are unvieling a whole new line of very affordable pu’er cakes, bricks, and tuochas at a one time discount to help you kick start your pu’er investing.

Learn more about all of our deals, and stay up to date with new deals we will be posting through the weekend. Also learn about our tea culture and literacy initiative in rural Jimo China. Black Friday Homepage:

Thanks for checking out the new offerings!

Babble said

Thanks for the update. So will the regular tea of the month club be priced at $25 for black Friday, or will it be cheaper. I guess I’m a little confused by the “lock in a discount”

I have to work out the exact cost, given shipping etc, but I do plan to offer it closer to $20 for Black Friday. Since it bills monthly, my goal is to present a very affordable gift option for tea lovers, and to encourage more new people to try our latest and greatest. The more people that join the club, the more leverage I have to bring in crazy teas.

Black Friday weekend is our yearly tradition of giving a little back to you as you buy gifts for others. Buy $50 of tea and we’ll give you $10 to spend on yourself. Buy $100 of tea and we will give you $25 to spend on yourself. All of our deals go live starting 12:01AM CST Friday. No coupons needed to take advantage of any of our offers! Visit the deals page for details:

New Teas going live at 12:01AM Friday:
10 lbs Laoshan Bilochun:
20 lbs Yu Lu Yan Cha:

25 spots in the Tea of the Month Reserve Club:
75 discounted ($20) spots in the Tea of the Month Program:

PLUS: We just programmed Tea of the Month to allow 3 and 6 month gift subscriptions that bill monthly and end automatically for more convenient holiday gifting.

So many exciting premiers of new products and programs!
Happy Holidays,

Our deals are live now!
In the first few minutes, I have seen quite a good amount of tea subscriptions, and the new teas sell. Congrats to those here on Steepster joining me on the Reserve Tea Club adventure. Still a good number of spots left.

In addition to all the deals I mentioned above, the remaining few pounds of Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell are on sale. I want to get it out to tea lovers within the first week that it is in the office so that it is as fresh as possible. No coupons needed.

Deals Page:

By the way, I just posted a beautiful clip of Wang Yanxin brewing up her very own Yu Lu Yan Cha in her signature no-frills gaiwan style. Meet the innovator behind our newest tea on the product page here:

Just placed my order! Took a bit of fiddling with my cart since there were so many amazing choices ;)

Thanks so much @TranquilRaven. I am grateful for your support. I hope you enjoy these new offerings as much as I have. The Laoshan Bilochun, Laoshan Black, and Yu Lu Yan Cha played a prominent role at Thanksgiving meal today :)

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Hanajibu said

I would love to be a part of the Special Monthly Tea Club, but I would be so worried that I wouldn’t do the tea justice. Everything would have to be done right, and I would have to really get into temperature and gongfu. I feel like I wouldn’t be worthy of the tea.

Don’t worry- teas like the ones I plan on adding are very forgiving and great no matter the brewing technique. As long as you enjoy the tea with thoughtfulness and contemplation, it is tea well used. Plus, brewing instructions specific to each tea will be sent out for clarification.

Hanajibu said

I locked in my $20 membership and a Reserve membership. I will at least be doing a month of that. So, will you just notify people whenever there is a spot open, since it is for such a small group?

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Hi all! We’re excited to offer the biggest promotion we’ve ever done (and probably ever will do): Save $138 off our limited edition Starter Kit! Only 300 kits are available, and we expect them to sell out fast.

Plus, get free U.S. shipping on any online order now through Cyber Monday, 11/26/12, with coupon code 4HCTEA!

Also check out the Sale section tomorrow for some juicy discounts:

Happy Thanksgiving!
- Samovar Tea Lounge

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From Kally Tea…

We wish to let you know about our sale on Friday November 23, 2012.

We are offering 2-4-1 sale all day.

Any tea ordered Friday will automatically be doubled.

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teajoteas said

Revealing our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale details! We’ve got a bunch of goodies to offer, and everything below is valid for 4 days starting Friday, Nov 23…no code required:

(1) Free shipping at $25 or more – we’re also adding a couple of new samplers/kits conveniently priced at $25!
(2) 45% off New Winter Teas
(3) 40% off Black Teas
(4) 35% off Green and Rooibos Teas
(5) 30% off Smart Tea Makers (both 10 oz. and 16 oz.)
(6) Double rewards for purchases made during this time(customers who have accounts)

I know you have many choices of great specials from all the tea companies this weekend and look forward to having you shop with us as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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teajoteas said

How could I forget? One more thing…we added a 12 Tea Sampler for $25, and each sample gives you about 10 cups.

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WtFGoD said

saw an email newsletter for

“Free shipping on orders of any size now through Cyber Monday. It’s our way of saying thank you!”

gonna wait to see what the next few days brings, but certainly a company worth considering although probably not the biggest discout.

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We just made our Black Friday promotion live at Tealet, direct from the grower curated subscription. It will be running until Monday. Visit to start your holiday shopping for that special tea lover in your life, even if that tea lover is you. With every subscription gifted you will receive a free tasting package of tea (15 grams or about 30 cups) for yourself.
All of our tea is loose leaf and direct from the grower. The teas of Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan will be featured in the Holiday gift pack. The holiday shipment includes 4-15 gram packs which will make 120 cups of tea. Each tea comes with the story of the grower and their community. There are plenty of stories to talk about when sharing these teas with friends and family. Upgrade your Holiday gift pack to include an authentic, hand-made Tokoname-Yaki kysusu and two teacups direct from artists for an additional $99. These kyusus are difficult to find and really do enhance the Japanese tea drinking experience.

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I’m trying to keep up on my blog but please send me any sales I miss! PM me or [email protected]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Babble said

What’s the URL?

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