Brace Yourselves... Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming!

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Our Black Fridays deals are up and going..We will be doing a Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, as well as, Cyber Monday sale.

Black Friday…
save $5.00 off $35.00, coupon code: season5
save $10.00 off $60.00 + FREE sample, coupon code: save10
FREE shipping on ALL orders!

Small Business Saturday…
10% off entire cart, coupon code: lovetea

Cyber Monday
FREE SHIPPING shipping on ALL orders

December 17th – another exciting deal. Stay tuned!!!

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Since today is Small Business Saturday, I just want to take a moment to shout out to Jason, and the folks behind Steepster, another small business (or act of kindness). I joined Steepster in its younger days, and I have seen many people find real friends and support here in a uniquely inclusive community.

As another small business owner, I am grateful to Jason, and to the whole Steepster community as a place that really gives young companies like ours a chance. Without Steepster, Verdant Tea wouldn’t be where it is today. Everyone’s generosity to share tasting notes, tell their friends about teas they like, etc has helped us grow. It is great to watch other small businesses just starting out joining Steepster and being treated with respect and interest.

It feels like every business is on equal footing here no matter its size- discussed solely on the merits of the teas offered. This environment has helped us, and likely many other companies to succeed, and in turn, support other small businesses, like the He family farm in Laoshan Village. This support in turn, spurs innovation in tea, and slowly but surely ensures that tea continues to develop and get better over the years.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting my small business tea colleagues and I this season!

David Duckler,
Founder, Verdant Tea

teajoteas said

David, I couldn’t agree more with your shout of thanks. Steepster has given us a tremendous opportunity to connect with our customers as well. While we are new to Steepster and much smaller than Verdant, we are grateful for the feedback we’ve received so far.

My wife and I started our small venture a few years ago and while we have come a long way, we have so much futher to go. Like Verdant, we have a strong and unique relationship with our grower and believe that we are all in this together. I believe that all of us (small tea businesses) need to look at each other as opportunities to grow instead of just competitors. We all have something unique to offer, and the folks here at Steepster appeciate that. It’s exciting to think where we’ll be 5 years from now on Steepster and many years after that!

Thanks to you as well for doing things the right way. Your story is a breath of fresh air in the current tea market.

Founder, Teajo Teas

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Babble said


Are there any companies doing specific Cyber Monday deals? I know several tea companies are extending their promotions until Monday.

Della Terra Teas is doing 40% off select teas. is running a 24 hr special till Mon at midnight – 20% off everything & orders of $60+ ship free – Promo Code CYBER

Verdant Tea is doing some specials on pu-erh

Any others?

We’re quite happy you asked Rachel. :-)

Hugo Tea Company is offering 35% off all teas through tomorrow (this on top of our already-great shipping policy).

We normally aren’t ones to discount the teas that we work so hard to source and package, but this is a unique case—we have to get rid of all our stock as quickly as possible (even though we are essentially selling our tea at cost).

Here’s more details:


And, of course,


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Babble said

A few more…

Golden Moon tea is 30% off starting Mon until Wed:
Use Promo Code: “30Percent”

Thepuritea- Cyber Monday Sale! 25% off of Everything! Starts 11/26 @ 12am. Coupon Code: CYBER

Harney & Sons will have a few “special” deals, no specifics yet..

Peony Ts- 25% off all tea leaves and sample sets
15% off tea wares
5% off Office Sets and Starter Kits
Offer ends 27th Nov 2012 0800 GMT +800, no coupon required.

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tperez said

Not such a crazy deal, but Yunnan Sourcing has a 10% off sale going with blackfriday promo code :)

Babble said

Their prices are pretty gosh darn low already, so that’s not a bad deal at ALL.

momo said

I really want to buy a puerh cake to age and that isn’t helping hahaha.

tperez said

I know right? I went a bit overboard and ordered a tea tray, two small ripe puerh’s and a large raw cake to store XD

momo said

I was on their site last night and had $60 worth at one point so now knowing there’s 10% off I might have to just get at least one.

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Cyber Monday Deal
20% off ALL tea plus FREE SHIPPING shipping on ALL orders
coupon code: CYBER

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teajoteas said

If you haven’t already visited us, we’re continuing our craziness from Friday…By the way, our samples make 10 cups!

- Up to 45% off ALL teas and tea ware
- 12 Tea Sampler (120 cups) for $25
- Free Shipping starts at $25
- Double Rewards

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We are making Cyber Monday Pu’er Monday!

On my latest trip to China, I got to meet the Qingdao representative for Lao Tong Zhi, a charming and knowledgeable woman with an audacious seven-year-old running around the office. I loved what I saw in her 2011 and 2012 cakes- all beautifully complex, and without drying or heavy qualities that young pu’er can have. Recognizing the teas as great investment cakes, I picked up as much as I could to share today.

Priced at a one-time Cyber monday discount between $6 and $25 a cake, our new offerings will go fast. Details are listed on our Black Friday Weekend Page:

In addition, many of our old favorites are at high discounts including the Tea Trail, the Xingyang 2007, the Yabao, and the Yanxin’s Reserve. This is the last chance to pick up old favorites as we clear the way for new offerings.

Finally, the much-loved Fuhai 2007 is back in stock at a discount. Last time we offered it, we sold out in less than 24 hours. Pick up yours today:

Very exciting! I hope people take advantage of the chance to kick-start a pu’er collection and help friends and family fall for pu’er through holiday gifts.
Best Wishes,

All of our Cyber Monday deals and Black Friday weekend Tea Cash offers / Tea of the Month discounts will remain in effect until 11AM Tuesday morning. Thanks to everyone for so much support. We are much closer to our goals in opening the Tea and Literacy Center in Rural Jimo China after the holiday weekend.

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Our sale is good thru today—receive 30% off your purchase of $30 or more, using promo code MAHA30STEEP at!

As part of our Being in the World mission, Mahamosa donates 50% of after-tax net profits to charitable causes including hunger, poverty, environment, clean water, animal/natural life welfare, and other causes. Your support of our company helps set a higher business standard for global social and environmental responsibility.

WtFGoD said

some friendly feedback,

when looking through your site its not easiest thing to find what you want if your just browsing. with only 9 teas per page and the fact you have to click into them to see any type of description; gets a bit intimidating when you have 173~ black teas at 9 per page :( . that being said – great selection, just couldnt bring myself to look through all those teas when they are set up in the way they are. the taste description are also pretty basic(from what i saw).

WtFGod, I’m not sure why but marketing experts recommend that you do it that way. Ie, many pages with fewer per page. Maybe so it doesn’t overwhelm the server/page?
It annoys me to! but I thought you might wanna know that “tip” a friend mentioned to me a few weeks ago. shrugs in frustration

nerdswing said

Why don’t you ship to Canada? Just curious.

Hi WtFGoD! Thanks for the feedback! When you go to the Black Teas, on the left side there are categories to choose from so that you can narrow down your selection of black teas—ie Assam, Darjeeling, flavored black. If you know the category of black tea you are looking for, you can click that on the left side. Otherwise, there are a lot of teas—hopefully something for everyone!

Hi nerdswing! Due to insurance requirements, we cannot ship to Canada at this time. Maybe in the future!

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Has anyone started a Black Friday thread for 2013 yet???

Cavocorax said

Short Sorceress posted in another thread that she’s collecting all the deals on her blog here:


Dinosara said

Also I think we’ll start a new one once it gets closer and some day-of deals actually start showing up.

Dustin said

I read in another thread that Butiki is planning on doing something.

Thanks for posting the link for me, I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll be doing a post specifically for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well. As I hear about the deals I’ll update the post.

Stacy has said that she is planning on a “buy $40 get $20 type deal plus bonus items” but I don’t know any further details about it. I do remember reading that she’ll have the details posted at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

We’re gathering together the last pieces of our deals as well – should have them posted by Monday the 25th, with a few fun things going live that Monday! I’ll keep my eye out for an official “2013 Black Friday” thread and be sure to update there.

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