Emily said

Ronnefeldt Loose Tea (Shangrila/ Irish Malt)

Is anyone familiar with Ronnefeldt Loose Tea- Shangrila (Black Tea,Sunflower,Papaya, Cornflower, Safflower, and Pineapple) or Ronnefeldt Irish Malt (extravagant aroma of Irish whiskey with a hint of cocoa blended with a malty Assam tea. Flavoured black Assam tea). Does anyone have any idea where I can find it for purchase? Your help would be very much appreciated!:)

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becky1 said

I am also looking for the stores where i can find Ronnefeldt organic japanese tea and peppermint in the philippines. Anyone please help.

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Sil select said

hmmm that’s funnily enough the brand of bagged tea at the hotel here that they give me every morning. But before that I’d never heard of them. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you

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