Hi there,
I didn’t find a specific page for introductions.So I just wanted to write a short post saying hello to everyone.
I’m a great tea drinker,and always loved tea since a was a kid.
I love black tea with milk (mainly Yorkshire,Tetley,Pg Tips and Sainsbury’s),Tetley Earl Grey and some white and green teas.It’s strange but even if I’m italian,I don’t like coffee! :-)
Just going to have a good cuppa!

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Raritea said

Nice to meet you tealoveritaly!

Funny, I am also Italian and at family gatherings that while other people are getting their lattes and espressos made from the big fancy machine (with the coffee bean grinder right inside!) that I’m going through my Nonna’s* limited tea stash trying to find something good. She only ever has bagged teas but she’s always so excited to show me the kind of variety she has- it’s really sweet :) I just take one and smile even through I’m not really a bagged tea drinker.

I also don’t drink wine which I have been told is odd for a person who is Italian. I really only drink water and tea on a regular basis- saves me from the sugar I would get from fruit juices or, worse, soda drinks! (Plus I love the variety of flavours of tea you can find!!)

I really hope that you enjoy Steepster as much as I do and that you post many tasting notes!! We’ll all be happy to read them :)

*Nonna means “grandmother” in Italian for non-Italian speakers

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Welcome! There are a lot of fun, well informed members here.

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Welcome to our tea community. I am also italian! and I relate to you and Raritea so well. I’m usually the one to make the espressos (I’ll have one every now and then) while I boiled myself water for my tea! I also don’t drink much wine, but I do drink a lot of Iced Wine tea ;) so I think that makes up for it!! haha.

Looking forward to more of your posts/tea tastings :)

Raritea said

I need to find myself a collection of wine teas. My father would be so proud! He makes wine in our cold cellar every year and I think that he may just be the teensy-est bit disappointed that I prefer to give the bottles as gifts rather than drink it myself!

Vintage Tea Works is all wine-inspired teas!

And the teas from Vintage TeaWorks are amazing. AHHH-mazing!

Thanks Michelle & LiberTEAS! I need to stock up on some more :)

Raritea said

Awesome! Thanks guys!! I’ll keep those in mind :D Maybe I can get my father a gift that, secretly, I know will end up as mine… I guess it runs in the family; my dad bought a Playstation 3 “for my mom” for Christmas last year…

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Claire said

Welcome to Steepster! :)

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Welcome to Steepster! I love it here, it’s a great place to talk about tea … without sounding crazy. If I were to talk about tea to my family as much as I talk about tea here, they’d lock me up in a looney bin. LOL

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Welcome to Steepster! I seem to be the only crazy one here and don’t know a whole lot of nothing. I hang around hiding from the world and the treatment is no better here either. Have fun, not at expense of others. I am not saying you would but this is how life is…fun/punning etc.

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Thanks for the messages.It’s good to find also other italians :-)

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darky said

welcom here, i recently discovered this site aswel. Its nice to talk about tea without getting strange looks from all those coffee, soda drinkers out there :)

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