Lemon... lemon... and lemon...

So I’m at the end of a box of I Love Lemon teabags, and I have to admit, I rather like it. It’s become something of a ritual for me to have it as my second to last cup of the day, the last being something equally caffeine free, typically mint.

For my own education and in the spirit of trying new and perhaps better things, can anyone recommend a favorite lemon herbal? I’m looking for something really lemony, as lemony as the I Love Lemon though I’m not wedded to a particular blend of ingredients. The lemon choices are baffling to a novice like me. Should I go with something straight? Lemongrass? Lemon balm? Lemon verbena? Lemon (fill in the blank)? Or a blend? Are the chiffons more lemony or more chiffony?

Thanks for any enlightenment you can pass my way!

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wombatgirl said

I have two favorite lemon teas right now

1) Strawberry lemonade from Teavana. Just nice and sweet with lemon, a good solid tisane.
2) Rooibos Lemon Chiffon from Specialteas. Tastes like a piece of lemon cake, frosting and all. So less 100% lemony, more lemon baked good yumminess.

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I’ve heard of the chiffon — it does sound worth a try, thanks! Is the strawberry lemonade very heavy on the strawberry?

wombatgirl said

I don’t think it is.. I smell it a lot more than I taste it.

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denisend said

I had to look up I Love Lemon.. it has peppermint and rosehips as well as lemon.

My two favorite lemons are both from Teavana – Strawberry lemonade and Lemon Youkou. Neither will have the peppermint bite, though. I don’t know of one that will.

Personally, when I’m looking for a particular fruit flavor, I look at tisanes (stuff with chunks of that fruit in them), but I’m pretty insensitive to “flavorings”. Lemongrass is going to produce a more grassy (green) flavor than lemon (or lemon peels).

Good luck!

wombatgirl said

You’re going to have to tell me what you think of the Lemonade Sonata when you get it. (Is it there yet BTW?)

Thanks, this is great! I’m gonna give them all a try!

denisend said

wombatgirl – yes, they’re here, and tyvm! I’ve already logged the bamboo passion


Haven’t been up for trying much new stuff as I’ve been so migrainey recently.

Morgana – good luck!

wombatgirl said

Duh! that’s right – I saw that. Sorry!

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Cofftea said

In my opinion, nothing beats lemon verbena and lemon grass. I don’t drink them solo, but I love mixing them w/ my favorite teas. Not to mention you can grow them your self so it’s very inexpensive :) If you want to use real fruit you can also use lemon peel and dried lemons in your tea.

Thanks for the suggestions, I have so much to learn :-). I think I will order some samples of straight verbena and lemon grass and experiment with them. Growing them myself; wow, what a concept ;-) One of these days when life settles down a bit perhaps I will give that a go as well.

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