Victoria BC Tea Meet?

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Chizakura said

If you guys swing by Langley sometime, I’m so there. (though, other than Infusions there aren’t really any tea shops here…) Okay, the mall in Lougheed. There’s a Davids in there, and I think another tea shop or two there, plus it’s attached to the SkyTrain for easy Vancouver access.

AJ said

There’s a Davids’ and a Tea Desire.

OMGsrsly said

I’m hoping to do a meetup downtown somewhere. I just need some time to do research and visit some of the tea shops, to see what they offer and what I think of them as a meetup venue. :)

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Kittenna said

You guys are all meeting up on the 23rd? Awesome! Sil, Raritea, Indigobloom and I are totally meeting up that day as well (in Toronto though, haha). :D I hope you have an awesome time!

Plunkybug said

Say Hi to Indigobloom for me! :P

Fjellrev said

Nice! Next thing we know it, we’ll be planning a pan-Canadian meet-up.

How was your meetup?
We had an awesome time!! :D

We had a blast!

Nice! we should try and Skype next time haha

Plunkybug said

That would be cool.

Cavocorax said

Wow – a Victoria meet up AND a Toronto meet up on the same day? Might as well have been National Steepster meet-up day. :P Hope you guys all had a great time.

Kittenna said

We did! We had planned on playing board games but it ended up taking us about 6 hours just to get through divvying up shared purchases, and packaging up samples of teas for each other :D Instead we just had tea, food, and lots of chatter!

Sil select said

it was a great time. Even if i was rambling…a lot. :)

haha Sil, it wouldn’t be the same without your rambunctious epiphanies! :P

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Plunkybug said

Ok everyone, I have sent a message that should include everyone, including contact info and updates.

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