A great bedtime tea..Any suggestions??

I was wondering if any of you guys have any teas to recommend to help someone get to sleep at night?

I’ve tried the typical chamomile herbal tea, but I wanted to get some more options out there that you have found has actually work for you at night! (and what company has them, etc)

Thanks in advance :)
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Alphakitty said

My go-to bedtime tea is Marketspice’s Knockout (http://www.marketspice.com/store/products/knockout-tea). I have pretty bad insomnia and it’s the only tea that always gets me in a sleepy mood.

thanks! def. going to give this a try. LOVE the name of it!! :P

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Uniquity said

My favourite is unfortunately discontinued (Night Out by Davids Tea). It was tasty, soothing and led to some interesting dreams – though that could have been due to my expectations more than the ingredients!

Booo…I hate when teas are discontinued. :( Thanks for the suggestion though. Maybe they’ll bring it back one day!!

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Jaz said

My boyfriend has always had a difficult time sleeping through the night but he swears by mothers little helper from DavidsTea (it does have a chamomile base though)

Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to look into it!

Do it! It has valerian root in it, and it knocks me out everytime I love it. Also it tastes way more interesting than just chamomile.

Uniquity said

My batch is WAY too chamomile-y (I hate the stuff!) but a friend of ours has a newer batch which favours the mint more strongly. I know a number of people who find it very effective at calming them and lulling them to sleep.

MissLena said

I agree with Mother’s little helper! So calming and relaxing before bed :)

I definitely agree with this one. I don’t like the way it tastes, but it knocks me right out every time.

Excellent! At this point, I don’t mind how it will taste.. Just want an awesome sleep :) Thanks everyone!!!

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I have a good experience with Passiflora incarnata. It has sedative effects, helps with anxiety and makes your sleep deeper. In higher doses, it acts as muscle relaxant too. It is quite popular I would say, there’s plenty of information on the Internet. It’s just not something you will like to drink because of taste, at least not me :D.

Valeriana officinalis is also worth a shot. It is supposed to have similar effects to Passiflora. It has not such sedative effects on me, but helps with nervousness and tastes better. Your mileage may of course vary.

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While not a tea, Natural Calm magnesium(or rather, Magneleveres which is the commercial version my doc prescribed) is what I go with most of the time. It really relaxes me.
Valerian root is great, but can cause heart issues if used excessively or if you are sensitive. I had an aunt who reacted once.

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Lynxiebrat said

What would be considered excessive? I mean would 1 cup a night be ok? I do not have heart problems just asking for those who are reading this that do or suspect that they might have heart problems…though of course they should also check with their doctor.

I think one cup should be ok, esp in tea form. My relative was taking it via tablet.
Also, don’t take/drink it if you are pregnant. (same with chamomile)

Personally, I’d use it more as a spot treatment, on those nights when you really need to sleep or have trouble :)
because it really works. Knocks me right out!

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Roasted green teas from Japan (Houjicha or Bancha) are usually naturally caffeine free and are great for drinking before going to sleep. In Japan people often brew this for their family, including the children. It’s really warming and yummy, kind of sweet.

Kiaharii said

I had no idea! I just got a houjicha sample from Adagio but haven’t tried it yet.

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Bigelow’s decaffeinated Constant Comment.

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