The English Tea Store's snacks and such

I just recently received my 1st teapot from in early October and I am extremely happy with it! I was wondering about their other products, has anyone tried any of their imported snacks and goods? Even though I’m a 21st century girl, I hesitate to order snacks and foods (especially clotted cream) off of the internet. Thoughts???

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Lynxiebrat said

I am not sure, but I think they mail the cream and like stuff in special packs to keep it cool.

I would certainly hope so! I will have to brave it and purchase a few snacks from them. I can only imagine how difficult to find and how much it would cost to buy imported clotted cream in Los Angeles.

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Azzrian said

The cream is vacuum sealed and preserved. Its the same stuff I buy locally. I have bought it from them twice. Once it was cooler outside and it arrived normally. The second time it was hot outside and the cream was all melted and strange looking – separated. I googled and it was said to be fine. I shook it up and put it in the fridge to cool again – it ended up being just fine and tasted normal etc.
I love English Tea Store – been happy with all of my tea, tea pot, accessory, and snack purchases from them.

Thankks for the info! I love my purchases from them. My friends and I bought 7 amsterdam teapots from them for a big tea party we hosted and we got the most beautiful tea for one set! We weren’t sure about the snacks though! We ended up making our own scones and crumpets. :)

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