Really, how silly of me is it to get excited about this?

So it looks like Neil Gaiman (of Dr. Who fame) knows about 52teas. How cool is that?

Laura Miller @magiciansbook
Found a tea @neilhimself would probably like:

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14 Oct Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
@magiciansbook taste it! Report back!
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And today:

Laura Miller magiciansbook Attn:neilhimself, Finally tried Graveyard Mist tea & found it, strangely enough, both aptly named & delicious:

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Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
@magiciansbook oh good!
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Stuff like this makes me crazy inside. All it would take is one positive comment from someone like Neil Gaiman and 52teas would EXPLODE. (Not to mention the fact that I would probably faint.)

Incidentally, by extension, this means Neil Gaiman knows about Steepster too.

Oh, and while not quite so nerdgasmly well-known as Neil Gaiman, Laura Miller (who I suspect is around here somewhere) is pretty awesome herself. Her book looks awesome: I think I’m going to have to pick up a copy.

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Sil select said

That’s pretty cool :)

I love gaiman’s books!

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I would be thrilled if I were you. I can totally see why you’re so excited! It’s not silly at all. I’d go totally bonkers if I found out that someone like Michael deMeng liked my artwork.

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Claire said

That’s awesome, I would be so excited too!

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The silly thing is, HE hasn’t even tried the tea. LOL. But maybe Laura Miller will share some with him. They appear to be friends, maybe.

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Oh wow! How exciting! Now I can imagine Neil Gaiman sipping a cup as he works on his stuff. What was he drinking when he wrote Stardust? That one was my favorite! And now I want some Graveyard Mist to drink while I re-read The Graveyard Book.

Also, what does Neil have to do with Dr. Who? Sorry for being ignorant. It’s a show I keep meaning to start getting into.

Neil Gaiman wrote an episode in the 6th series, I believe, called “The Doctor’s Wife,” which was EXCELLENT. And he’s written another one in which he brings back the Cybermen, for the second part of the 7th series!

Of course it’s excellent if Gaiman wrote it! Now I really have to start watching that show!

Do! If I remember correctly, you can watch the Gaiman episode more or less out of context – as long as you know the basics (i.e., who the Doctor is, Amy, Rory, River maybe, the TARDIS, etc).
Of course, if you just want one really good hour of television… Blink, series 3. Completely standalone, utterly fantastic.

Kittenna said

Is Blink a reference to the… weeping angels, or something like that? I’m just getting into Dr. Who (boyfriend and roommate are both fans).

That is right. I think the weeping angels are the scariest DW monsters. Do try and check the original episode which was entitled Blink.

Now if Steepster and 52 Teas could get a mentioned in an episode…

Janefan said

I’m guessing the Graveyard Mist tea was mentioned to him because of The Graveyard Book? That was my intro to Gaiman :-)

Uniquity said

Oh my God, Gaiman wrote The Doctor’s Wife? Of course he did. That episode blew me away. Such a new Dr Who nerd over here!

@Michelle he’s writing one for the upcoming season of Doctor Who too!!

ashmanra said

I think “Blink” is our favorite episode!

i had no idea he was writing another episode! lots of talk of people WANTING him to, but didn’t realize this was an actual thing.

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SO exciting! Neil Gaiman is a god!

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Janefan said

I started reading her book a year or two ago, and then started re-reading the Narnia series since I couldn’t remember all the details, and her book is an appreciation of Narnia from a grown up (and, I believe, religious skeptic?) perspective. I should get back into that Narnia/Magician’s Book reading project this winter…

That is super cool that 2 high profile writers were discussing your tea/Steepster publicly on twitter. Hopefully it got you some traffic to the site? Too bad there’s no hyperlink ability in tea descriptions. What ever happened to the “BUY THIS TEA” (or whatever it was called) button???

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cuppaT said

I recently ordered your 12 Teas of Christmas and, never having tasted your teas, I’m definitely looking forward to trying them. Will Graveyard Mist be among the samples, or would that be “spoilers”?

Seriously, congrats! My husband and I have watched Dr. Who for 25 years; it’s the only show we both agree on.

Spoilers! LOL

Dustin said

Spoil us!

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what whaaaat! wow Frank, that is amazing. Too bad you can’t send him a care package heh.

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Azzrian said

Tweet him and offer him some for free. :)

Claire said

I second this idea!

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