Really, how silly of me is it to get excited about this?

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Okay, so this is maybe a little cruel of me to post, BUT… Joe Hill said something on Twitter today about how we ought to make a blend inspired by his upcoming novel NOS4A2 (Like Nosferatu on a license plate). The novel is going to be available April 30th. So I said I would love to do something like that, but I should probably read the book first…

So, guess who is getting an advanced copy of Joe Hill’s new epic horror novel?

I may not be rich and I may be living in a fantasy world about the future uber-success of my tea company, but I’m going to read Joe Hill’s new novel before anyone else. Nah. Nee. Nah. Nee. Boo. Boo. And a fat raspberry to the usually cruel universe on top of that. =P

Sorry. Just a little giddy. But on a more serious note, you guys should pre-order his new novel now. The early reviews are looking awesome. And of course, we will be producing at least one of our geektastic blends in honor of and inspired by the novel. =)

Nice! And the title is awesome.

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