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what do you think of matcha tea?

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Uniquity said

I’m not much of a fan, but neither am I a fan of green tea. My fiancee quite enjoys it though, and I don’t mind sharing a bowl of sweetened or flavoured matcha with him from time to time. It is the one tea I have to have some sort of addition to, be it flavouring or honey.

Personally it’s quite a bit of work for a terrible reward. : )

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A rancid perversion of real tea. There should be a UN Resolution against this hideous monstrosity.

I wrote the above yesterday because I detest matcha. I’ll amend it so there is less whining from those who think their opinions count more than mine; “I do not care for matcha. It’s not for me.”

There. All better.

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cuppaT said

“In Vancouver today, it has been reported that a respected local merchant known as Bryghtbeverages was found damp and raving in his shop. No signs of foul play were apparent, but authorities did discover a large take-out cup containing remnants of a Peanut Butter Mocha Matcha Latte Grande (2% milk, extra froth, chocolate sprinkles) that appeared to have been thrown in the direction of the victim, who was covered in it. Mr. Bryghtbeverages is recovering in hospital. Police are investigating.”

And just like that…I’m back in high school.

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I love Matcha. But, it is not for everyone.

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Love matcha! Always did and probably always will. I think I first encountered it in Japanese desserts. Then I had some good quality matcha made with just hot water like it’s supposed to be done. A very tasty nuanced cup, that was. Then Red Leaf entered my life and now flavored matcha lattes are the norm. Long live matcha in all it’s glorious forms!

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Lynxiebrat said

Have yet to try Matcha, though have tried a few different green teas and like some of them. I am looking to see if my local chinese tea shop serves Matcha so I can try it out before I go to the trouble of getting the necessary stuff together to makes it, then find out that I don’t like it.

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mrmopar said

ask azzrian i think she knows a lot about it or at least a whole lot more than me.

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Ninavampi said

Love matcha, always have and always will! I think you either love it or hate it. I agree with Mercuryhime Long live matcha!

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Loving or hating matcha is a lot like loving or hating wine. There is good, and even great, matcha, and crappy matcha. There is good, and even great, wine, and no shortage of really bad wine. It makes no sense to talk about “matcha” — you have to get more specific. Most of the matcha on the marketplace isn’t even MEANT for drinking, it’s meant to be used as an ingredient in cooking. It’s called culinary matcha, and that’s what more than 90 percent — probably much higher — of the matcha on the market is. Add enough fat (dairy) and sweetener to even very bad culinary matcha, and you can make it somewhat palatable, but don’t try to drink it straight up. Artisanal/drinking matcha is on another plane altogether.

Think two-buck Chuck versus Echezeaux.

Mark B select said

Your site is great. Excited to try your matcha at some point. Thanks for the heads up!

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I think that matcha tastes great. Furthermore, it’s one of the healthiest teas you can find.

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