Mariage Frères

One of our French staff members posted up a few pages scanned from his copy of the MF catalog. Very cool – the cover looks amazing!

Have a look:

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Ricky said

Haha, French Staff. I was searching for the place where we could request one. Makes sense why I couldn’t find it.

It’s nice having European members in our community. Thoughts on tea are different in different places around Europe and they tend to contrast with American ideas – having access to that perspective is sometimes enlightening.

For example – the French have cooler tea prep products than we are likely to ever see. Look here:

That’s another gem our French friend shared with us. Put your tea in the filter at the top, the kettle boils the water and runs it through the tea. Brilliant, too bad Tefal doesn’t make them for the US markets.

Leafbox Tea

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Alicia said

I have plenty of there little flyers if you really want one. They help you find what exactly you want to try on the website. I am not terribly fond of the site layout.

Gander said

I agree with you. They need to do some serious work on that website.

Ricky said

Naw, it’s okay. Yeah, their website is just a pain to navigate.

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Soooo pretty. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know about Mariage Freres the last time I was in Paris and I regret it so!!!

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