Thank You all!!!!

I feel like my writing on teas are getting better and better imo, I know this because of my reading reviews by others here on steepster and on their blogs and I just wanted to take time to thank you all for such great posting on steepster and on your blogs(lots of you have them) because of you guys I’m learning to write about teas better and have started my own blog.
To name a few of you LiberTEAS,Bonnie , Azzrian, John Grebe, TeaEqualsBliss, KeenTeaThyme, Wonks (I miss your reviews), ScottTeaMan, Dinahsaur, kOmpir, mrmopar and lots more, If I left you out don’t mean I don’t read your review or appreciate them I enjoy them all. Even when I don’t click “like” or comment I’m still Reading and Learning, Thank You all!

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Thanks… I learn from everyone too. It’s great to have Steepster!

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Azzrian said

Awweeee thank you Tommy! I have learned a LOT from you as well! I know I learn something new from someone every day here and on the amazing blogs everyone has!

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mrmopar said

thanks tommy i am honored by this post. i think we all learn from each other.

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:) Yep we can All have a nice Learning experience here.

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Wonks said

Thanks a bunch man! One thing that i love to see is when tea drinkers break away from high-brow thought and reviews. Your down-to-earth comparisons and examples are unique and are up-most beneficial to newcomers…never change that. Anyway, stay rad!

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