Can Tea taste good without adding sweeteners, etc?

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Helena said

I took awhile to figure out how I wanted my tea and while I enjoy quite a few without adds (Almond Cookie, Good Morning Sunshine, Premium Chai, Laoshan Village Chai, etc..) I found some others needed something, for instance my matcha MUST have milk :D except cola matcha which must be iced :D Some black teas also benefit with a bit of milk :D I don’t use sugar/splenda or honey though. I should probably try it some day…

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I haven’t read through this thread, so I am probably repeating what others have said.

I drink my tea straight. No sweetners (real or artificial) & no milk. And I love them without anything added. I think the can tea taste good with nothing added i personal preference. And I want to kill when someone tries to add crap to my tea.

There are so many varieties out there of tea that I’m sure anyone can find teas they like without adding anything.

I can so relate to this!(98% at least) The exceptions being kind of chai masala, and when I can find it Thai spiced tea, as per traditional methods of preparation.

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