I have started a tea blog and am looking for advice.

I have a bit of time at the moment and thought it was ideal to open and officially start a tea blog. I do read a few blogs and have been doing research about the sort of things to include in my posts but I am still at the stage of knowing where to start. I wondered if anyone had any tips or advice to share? Anything would be useful and appreciated. :)

So far this is what I have, reviews will be coming this weekend so I will update with more posts as I go along. http://kittylovestea.wordpress.com/

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You have a great start to your blog of course! Reviews are a great way to engage with tea companies, possibly interviews with other tea enthusiasts as well. I think it’s important to update your blog regularly as well. Keep it up to date with current tea trends, etc.

There are many tea bloggers, and it’s a great community to have. You can check out my blog here: www.theteacupoflife.blogspot.ca :)

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VeryPisces said

I think its up to you what to put in it. What is your goal? To create a space for conversation? To educate? To review teas? To become popular among tea aficionados? Your goals will influence the kinds of posts you make. Reading other blogs will help you to decide who you are targeting as an audience and how to attract them. But most of all, have fun!

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I would like a blog that educates some, stimulates conversation from others and has reviews that may make people try a tea new to them or at least experiment a little. The blog would be for me as well as for others and while it would be grand to be liked amongst some of the noted tea bloggers on this site it’s not what I am aiming for. My blog would be a more personal adventure with the hope of sharing whatever wisdom I learn along the way and making friends in the process.
It’s just a little difficult to get everything down on paper that I want to and knowing where to start and what to add is rather tricky. I do know that I will be having fun doing so :)

@Lu Ann
That’s a nice looking blog, informative and intelligent with real personality. It’s a good example of the sort of thing I am aiming for in the long run.

Thanks! I think it’s important to go for the goal you want to achieve with your blog. From the posts you already have I think you’re off to a great start. I first started out mine as a journal of creative pieces I wrote while sipping from the inspiration in my cup. I focused a lot on the design and layout of my blog because I found if it was attractive enough to me it would def. be something i’d keep updated often.

After a while I branched out and researched other possibilities and wanted to get to know more about other tea bloggers as well. I have bookmarked your site and I’m looking forward to more posts of yours to come :)

Good advice all around!
Definitely smart to think about the audience of your blog – it helps define your voice. Either way you can’t go wrong – you’re off to a great start!

I shall now be an official blog lurker. mwahaa.

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