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tperez said


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Donna A said

I have purchased at the Mahamosa Atlanta kiosk. As the article states, Mahamosa seems committed to quality tea as well as supporting humanitarian causes. As far as their desire to have a bigger online presence, I have noticed that some companies excel at doing promotions that encourage reviews of their tea on Steepster. Once a lot of reviews start popping up, it gets the attention of other potential purchasers for their teas. I know this is what drew me to purchase from certain companies as a relatively new tea drinker. I have purchased many teas because of reviews I’ve seen on this site. Additionally, offering samples at reasonable prices is a great strategy.

Hi Donna A! I just saw this reply-thanks so much for purchasing from our retail location and we appreciate your suggestions/feedback! We do plan to have more Steepster promotions. Also, we offer 0.5oz samples (about 6 cups of tea) for sale on our website, so that customers can try a tea before purchasing a larger quantity.

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