Skysamurai said

Tea Trades!

Tea Trades! For whatever I can’t post but I can update the main post. _

Feel free to post what you have here too of course! Please follow me if you want to trade with me or others. =]

Here is what I have:

Masala Chai – Shaha Blends
English Breakfast Bigelow
Bowcaster Brown – Adagio
Tie Guan Yin – Adagio
Jungpana Tippy Musk Black – Udyan Tea
Saigon Chai – Davids Tea

Four Seasons Spring – Tea Runners
Drink me oolong – plum deluxe

Blooming tea – Tea Bloom
Golden Mulberry – 52 Teas
Matcha Blueberry – Tipson
Green tea – Mellow Monk
Jasmine – Zesta

Shou Mei 2018 – Verdant
Bai Mu Dan – Verdant
White Pomegranate – Davidsons 2 bags
White pearls – Tea Runners

Pu-Erh cakes (wanted to sell these but I don’t know how to go about that. I just don’t have an affinity for dark teas…) Both from Verdant
Crassicolumna Sheng & Tea Flower Cake
Sun-Dried Qianjiazhai Black tea and tea flower cake

Pu-erh loose
Famous six mountains – Tea Runners

Spring 2019 LAoshan Dandelion leaf tea 2 5 g packs – Verdant
2019 Wild Spring Laoshan Gan Zao Ye 1 5 g pack – Verdant
Energizing – Long Dog Tea
Diamond Espresso Beach Berry iced blend – Beach House Teas
Everyday Detox – Tradition Medicinal
Red Clover – Tradition Medicinal 2 bags

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Heya – good to see you around again! Swapping is still happening. You just missed an advent swap a few people did. :D

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Dustin said

I was tempted to do that advent swap, but I was a little worried about keeping up with logging the advents I do have. Turns out I can totally handle logging 3-4 cups a day!
A trade would be fun! I’m probably going to go back on a tea buying ban for next year and trades would be helpful in maintaining that while getting to explore new teas.

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I’ve been doing my own blending thing lately, usually just a black or green with a herbal like peppermint or lemongrass. I seem to have enough in my cupboard to blend :)
I’d be up for a swap!

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In case anyone is “subscribed” to this post, SkySamurai edited her first post because she can’t reply to any subsequent posts. (One of the unfortunate Steepsterers that are having this problem.) She can send messages if you “follow” her though. Just wanted to post this reply in case anyone doesn’t catch that the top post was edited (no e-mail alerts for edits.)

Great idea to start a new trades thread, SkySamurai!

bumping for Skysamurai

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