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DoMatcha "Master's Choice" matcha on sale HALF OFF

from the DoMatcha e-mail newsletter:

“Masters Choice Now on Sale

Regularly $49.99, now on sale for $24.99

We have short expiry Masters Choice in our warehouse…. expiring end of December. It still tastes amazing, but with a two month expiry date we didn’t think it fair to sell it at regular retail price any longer. How did this happen? Apparently we neglected to change the inventory monitor on our shopping page… so for the last six months Master Choice has shown as 0 inventory when in fact we had 60 tins. Please take advantage of this great deal and buy one or even two for the matcha lover in your life.

DōMatcha™ Master’s Choice is the product of a unique collaboration between our own DōMatcha™ Tea Master, Mr. Kazunori Handa, and the award-winning Koyamaen Tea Company of Japan, producing an exceptional matcha for exclusive tastes."


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