Do Coffee Lovers Hoarde Like Tea Lovers?

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darky said

can’t think that coffee in the fridge is good claire, pretty sure a airtight tin is best and just in the kitchen kabinet :) dry and out off the sunlight

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I am loyal to a handful of brands of coffee (rotate around 5) My partner is an “Instant Human, Just add Coffee” type, and we drink mostly European style- my favorite cafe o lait, or espresso, or turkish, while he uses a french press daily. (usually, though we have a single cup drip style for travel/emergency)

I have found that not only the quality of coffee matters greatly for me, but the method of brewing. I have almost no interest in any drip made coffee, but average half a cup of the french press style every couple of days. (with the fancier stuff relished on occasion)

There is only one place in town I enjoy coffee from, and even then I have to be careful what I order.

I have recently returned to an “endless” cup of Tea though, mostly green (gemai or bancha preferred, in winter Chai is in the regular rotation)

And no, he does not often Horde coffee, we have on average 2lbs in the house at a time.

Like Tea, it can be fragile.

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