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Roasted Mate- color, flavor, suppliers

Hi all,

This is a tisane but I think it’s okay to ask here?
Lately I’ve been blending roasted yerba mate into my morning black tea and I’ve been curious about the different suppliers of roasted mate.

I have ordered some roasted mate from Narien Teas ( and have also sampled Teavana’s Matevana blend (

Right off the bat I noticed a significant difference in color and taste. Well, obviously, the Matevana is flavored…but it really has no trace of the kind of taste I get out of the roasted mate I got from Narien. The Matevana tastes “roasty” while the Narien mate is overwhelmed by “smoky”- and I prefer the “roasty” (I also like air-dried green mate over smoked).
Also to note is that when I try to imitate the blend- mixing the Narien mate, rooibos, cocoa nibs, and chocolate chips- I get a totally different flavor from the Matevana, where the smoky taste remains.

I took some pictures for visual comparison. Matevana above, Narien mate below. (

Narien’s mate appears much lighter than Teavana’s equivalent ( and indeed much lighter than their preview picture. It’s almost green, actually, with some bits more toasted than the rest.

I was wondering about how the darkness of the roast affects taste. I assume the “roasty” flavor I like is coming from a darker roast?
I’m looking for a brand or supplier that does unflavored roasted mate with that roasty flavor, and ideally one that’s less smoky than traditional mate. Can anyone recommend me a decently priced one? Teavana’s is absurdly expensive for mate ($40/lb? get outta here!).
Thanks very much! :)

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Guayaki is kind of the ‘big name’ in mate, as far as I’m aware. You could probably check them out, and see if that’s up your alley.

The problem is that they only sell of their website in HUGE bags (but reasonably priced).

I thought EcoTeas had a roasted mate in smaller portions, but I’m not finding it.

kymemy said

Yeah- I’ve been considering trying their roasted mate but I do have a few hangups…one being the 1lb size and the other being that I can’t seem to find a store that carries it so I can get it in person rather than paying $10 to ship. I don’t think EcoTeas does a roasted mate? I’ll keep looking, hopefully I can find a place that I can pick up in person. Thank you: :)

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Hi kymemy! We have several mate options at our website:

We have Brazilian Mate (green)

We also recommend some of our best selling flavored mates: Mate Chai
and Mango Mate

Let us know if you have questions or need any other recommendations!

kymemy said

Ahh, that’s quite a selection of greens! I’m looking for plain roasted only right now, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind if I need mixed or green! :)

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Babble said

Heeey. I might have some mate to give you. Follow me and shoot me a PM and we can discuss details :)

kymemy said

Sent message! :)

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I also may have a mate for you from a local place here in VT, you can check the website out I’m not sure the roasted mate is on the site, but I recently bought it and I mix it with black tea (chocolate and hazelnut) in the morning and it’s FABULOUS! Very reasonably prices and it’s a small local business :) Message me if you are interested -Jackie

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