Has anyone tried the Imperial/Organic Matcha from Red Leaf? (with flavouring)

I’m curious.
For me, the basic matcha is a bit too raw for me, but the Royal matcha is great, I love it! Cleaner, and fresher and really lets the flavour additions shine through.
Has anyone tried the Imperial or Organic Matcha? I’d love to hear some thoughts on how it compares but have yet to notice any reviews. Most point to the basic or royal grade, or don’t specify, I suspect because the Imperial feels like something that would be enjoyed best on it’s own, for the cost…

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Babble said

I only got the Royal Matcha one time with the “Pumpkin Pie” flavor and I didn’t really notice a difference, to be honest. I haven’t had the Imperial or Organic matcha, though.

Hmm maybe it depends on the flavour. With the Caramel, I find it really bothers me at times, depending on how I make it.
With Strawberry and Peppermint the base doesn’t seem to make so big a difference.
I tried Royal grade with my cherry order(regular) and it was awesome.

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