Wonks said

Higher End Gung Fu Wares

Hey everyone, I am wanting to throw together a legit set. I found an electric kettle that i can use in my room and thought it’d be perfect to get a drain tray and a great cha hai. I dont want to get lower-end stuff just to upgrade later, so i might as well find some now

So does anyone have some recommendations for me? I tried looking for some stuff but the web is littered with whole-sale merchants and engrish sites.

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darky said

try the gaiwan set on jingtea.com :) don’t own it personaly but i intend to in the future, because i already own 2 glass teapots and cups from them

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Will said

Lots of options, but I would personally consider going without a draining tray, and use a dish / tray / water bowl type setup. With this, you can definitely buy purpose built sets that are more or less matching, or you can kind of cobble things together to match your taste from online auction sites and antique shops. If you are brewing for < 6 or so people, you may also want to consider bypassing the chahai and pouring directly into the tea cups.

Is there a particular style you’re looking for? Could you link to some pictures of setups that you think are nice looking?

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about, in no particular order:


Not sure of the price, but I think the waste bowl and tea boat of this set are well executed:

http://bestteaonline.com/store/catalog/ has some qinghua porcelain stuff by Zhujun Chaqi (竹君茶器) which is hard to get now, though the prices are not cheap. Dragon Tea House sells medium priced plain porcelain stuff from Fengqingtang, which might work for you. Houde Fine Tea and Red Blossom in SF sell some pieces by Xu Dejia if you like the cracked glaze porcelain look.

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I bought my set from dragtonteahouse.biz The pieces are very nice and all work great. Their prices are pretty good compared to other companies I was looking at, and I am glad I made the purchase through them. They also have a huge selection

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