The motivations of the new tea lover

I am currently building an online tea experience called Tealet ( and my team is thinking deeply about how we can help enhance the New Tea Lover’s journey. We have identified three main personas; achiever, socializer, and explorer. I wrote about the motivations of these personas and how our online experience can help with each in this Tching article:
Please let me know if we are totally off target or if you have any feedback or comments about the assumptions I make in the article.

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Serenity said

Great article! Yes, I can see many of the characteristics you mention. I think I am…an old tea lover, lol, but a life long learner as well!

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VeryPisces said

I’ll throw my sociological perspective in there: if I were examining archetypes such as those you mentioned, I would look at other activities that attract passionate followers, such as artisan bakers, coffee and wine aficionados, and gamers. You will find similar characteristics.

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