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Tea Information/Knowledge

What are you favorite places to learn about tea? I like to post snippets on my tea tumblr, and I’m also trying to learn more about tasting and how tea is described so I can get better at reviewing. I’ve checked out Adagio’s, and some Verdant articles, and a little on Teavivre. Any others?

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Here is some info about the different types of tea:

Also, a tea and spice glossary with terms commonly used to describe tea:

Hope that helps!

Kiaharii said


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Raritea said

I try to find books about tea. I haven’t really put too much time into finding them but I know that there are a few out there that describe the history of tea and proper tea tasting. I really like the podcast called “TeaCast” about tea. It’s really informative and the host likes for people to call in and share their own opinion- so you get to see things from the perspective of different ages, cultures etc.

I would LOVE to take a tea sommelier class but they are so expensive! Not something I would do unless I knew I could have a career in tea-tasting.

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I just discovered James Norwood Pratt at the LA Tea Festival a few weeks ago. I took his Tea Sommelier seminar for apprentices for $50, it was a great intro. I also purchased his book “The Ultimate Tea Lover’s Treasury”. I hope to help him share his amazing stories about tea on my website Tealet:

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Serenity said

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook by mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss: it is in paperback and is narrowly shaped— perfect for slipping into one’s pocket or bag and reading in odd spare moments throughout one’s day.

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