Wonks said

Thinking About Using A Thermos

This seems like a juvenile question, but I know little about Thermos and how well they work. Currently I must go into the kitchen for steeps, and I been looking for solutions where I don’t have to leave my room. I have been shopping for a cordless kettle, but I just thought about using a Thermos…. filling it up and using it as my source.

Has anyone tried this? Do they retain heat very long (enough for our purposes)? Which one is better at heat retention…. glass interior or metal? (I assume metal)

Any help would be rad. Thanks guys!

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mrmopar said

an alladin thermos with the glass lining or a coleman thermos will usually give you about 4 hours of temp time. the trick is to warm or put boiling water in the thermos to preheat the container. i use them for my lunches with good results for soups. the only down side is when you open it you lose some heat, therefore i open it as little as possible up to the point of where i want to use all the contents. good luck! usually wally world will have both or a sporting goods store will usually have a selection in the camping section.

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Michele said

I swear by the Hydro flasks. I’m not kidding, but it will keep my tea piping hot for twelve hours if I don’t open it. I’ve used them all, Zojirushi, Thermos (several kinds) and so on. I carry my hydro flask everyday to school and seriously abuse the thing, but it’s as good as new. Furthermore, there are days when I do just what you do, put hot water in and then do small infusions somewhere else.
Here’s the link to the one I have: http://www.amazon.com/Hydro-Flask-Stainless-Insulated-Standard/dp/B003WU4Q50/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352867844&sr=8-1&keywords=hydro+flask

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Dustin said

I have had a couple of thermoses over the years. The type I like the best are double walled for heat retention and have a push button top. The push button top opens the thermos just enough to let the liquid out, but helps hold in heat because you aren’t taking the lid off making a bigger escape route. The tops can be a pain to clean, but if you are only using it for water it should be an issue.

Here is an example of the type of top I’m talking about…

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