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Tea Thermometer

Hi all!

So, my tea thermometer broke this evening and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for ones that they have had good success with. My last one was a meat thermometer with a long cord connecting the probe to the display. I really like the long cord feature because I have, in the past, dropped an entire digital thermometer into my kettle of boiling water (which, needless to say, broke that one too). I would prefer to have one that gives some kind of signal when reaching a specific temperature. However, I find that my kettle heats up so quickly I usually just putter around the kitchen while it is heating up and checking it every so often so this isn’t an absolute necessity.

Any advice you have would be much appreciated. Lucky that I have a good selection of black and herbal teas for now :)

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I use the same kind of thermometer they use in (dare I say the name, Starbucks) to froth and steam milk. Its called an espresso/cafe thermometer. They’re inexpensive and sold in lots of places. It doesn’t beep, but the probe fits perfectly thru the vent hole in my induction hot water kettle. So I can lift it up and pour at whatever temperature I need.

Raritea said

Wow that’s pretty neat! I would love to be able to pour my kettle with the thermometer and all when the water was ready. Thanks for the input. I’ll definitely have lots of choices to look at when I finally go to purchase another one! So exciting!!! Is is bad that I’m starting to feel a little bit happy that my old thermometer broke now? ;)

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Thermapen said

We supply a fast and accurate thermometer in a variety of different colours :) Can be used for a number of different applications :)

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