Tea Experiment: Chai Poached Pears

I was making breakfast for my boyfriend and I when I came across several Bosc pears that we bought the other day from Sprouts (a grocery store chain that buys from local farmer’s and organic companies). I decided to make poached pears to go with our oatmeal as I am a lover of pears and spice.

As most of my happy cooking incidents begin, I did not check for seasonings or other ingredients I would need to make the poaching liquid in the pantry and was so forced to improvised. It was sweet and spicy, simple and absolutely amazing and I felt the need to share this no-stress recipe with you!

Chai Poached Pears:

1 quart saucepan
Spoon for stirring

2 Bosc pears (or any pear you’d like to cook with) cored and quartered. Skin optional(I kept the skin on).
1 cinnamon stick
2 cups of water
2/3 cups of sugar
1 teaspoon Nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.
1 single serve bag of chai tea or 1 tsp loose chai tea blend.

1)Warm water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Add nutmeg, cinnamon stick and vanilla extract. Stir and bring to a boil.

2) Cut open bag of chai tea and add its contents to the poaching liquid. Stir.

3)Turn down heat to a low boil and add pear quarters. Make sure they are completely covered by the poaching liquid. Simmer for about 25 minutes or until slightly soft. Serve hot.

This turned out to be amazing, the chai tea spices were even more amazing than I anticipated and my boyfriend and I were extremely pleased with the results!

Has anyone else used their tea as a seasoning tool? If so, what did you season? How did it taste and would you do it again? If anyone gives this recipe a try, please let us know how it comes out!

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Janefan said

Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing :-)

Thanks! If I make anything else, I will definitely be sharing with everyone!

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Sounds tasty! I was planning on mulled mead poached pears for thanksgiving but now I want to try yours too! Need more pears!

There are never enough pears and luckily they are currently in season! I think we found ours for a little over $1 per pound which was definitely a steal. I definitely want more before the season is over.

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Nicole said

That sounds great! Definitely going to try!

Awesome! Let us know what you think of them after you try them!

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lala12 said

I made a nice blackberry syrup for ice cream or cake or whatever. Blackberries, sugar and a little cornstarch cold water slurry and chai tea. Boil and simmer until thickened.

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