2020: How Much Will You Spend on Tea This Year!?

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Neology said

I’ve been into the hobby for a few years now, but never tracked my spending. I might regret doing so by the end of the year. >_>

January | $252.55

white2tea club subscription: $29.99
Adagio: $100.80
Davidstea: $65.96
T2: $55.80

Well, I admit that some of those post-holiday sales got to me! And I wanted to stock up on Tangerine Tuxedo since it seemed like a more reasonably priced alternative to one of my husband’s favorites, Harney & Sons Little Orange.

I’m hesitant to set myself a limit, but ideally, I will not spend more than $1,200 for the year. I’d like to allow myself one big Spring order, some nice puer for my birthday in August, and more puer for black Friday. Every other time I’m tempted to shop, hopefully, I’ll remember the 350+ already taking up my cabinet and bin space.

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lots :D

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Biddolius said

I have the exact same worry. I’ve also been outlaying on gong fu kit (a lot from Mei Leaf in London). Already went £100 on a cake of Calamansi Swooper and $200 from White2Leaf. Still waiting on a delivery from China from Crimson Lotus (Split personality sheng / shou package) that was about $35. I can easily see it going to £1000 over the year. But I’m sure other blokes spend that on vinyl :D

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