2020: How Much Will You Spend on Tea This Year!?

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Leafhopper said

For any Canadians who have ordered from the U.S. recently using regular mail, have you been charged duty or customs fees? I’ve heard reports of this happening with DHL and other couriers, but am wondering if it applies to USPS and other postal services. Ordering from the States is expensive enough without the extra charges!

I’ve had a couple orders in the last few months from the US, no duty/custom fees yet. Fingers crossed for my last remaining ones…

Leafhopper said

That’s encouraging. I might risk it. I hope your remaining orders are also customs free.

Welp, looks like I spoke too soon or shot myself in the foot; I just got dinged with $19CAD in import fees from UPS.

Sil select said

it’s UPS – it’s how they scam money from us. There’s an entire discussion on how to actually NOT have to pay when UPS delivers cross border things, but i’m lazy and just prefer to not order from companies that use UPS.

Leafhopper said

Ouch! Were they customs fees or something else? I thought you couldn’t be charged customs on tea in Canada, though it looks like it’s becoming more prevalent.

Tariff fees – I could probably argue against them since tea is a non-tariff item and I didn’t have anything else, like teaware, in the order but I don’t think it’s worth the hassle in this case. If it was a bigger fee then maybe…

OMGsrsly said

I’ve spent $35 plus about $16 shipping to Sil. Most of my new teas my mom sent me, so I’m cheating a lot. :)

Oh, and $28 at David’s tea for some earl grey and a mini tumbler.

Depending on what happens with COVID life, I might put in an order from Murchies too. But only if I don’t make it to a store (if they’re open. Yikes, I should google.).

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