Estee said

Just started my own tea company - giving out free samples!

Hi everyone,

My name is Estee, and after graduating from college last year I decided to start my own tea business called Esteas (! I wanted to ensure the highest quality (hand-picked, artisanally-crafted, and packaged at the source) so I traveled to my grandfather’s hometown, found an amazing farmer family to partner with, and currently source three dan cong oolongs and a Chinese red tea from them.

I began selling tins of tea myself in person hosting tea tasting events around Southern California last September. Just launched my website, and I’m looking for feedback and more people to try my teas (you can order a free sample too)!

Use code STEEPSTER at checkout for 15%-off your first order at!

Estee ✨

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Shae said


Estee said

Thank you Shae!

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seawall said

beautiful site estee, good luck with your business !!

Estee said

Thank you so much, seawall! Hoping to expand to Canada/international soon :)

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teabuddy said


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