Vote for Tea!! let's see if we can get on par with Coffee :)

I just saw this on the weather network. They have a daily survey and todays is about favoured beverages!
Maybe if we get enough people to vote we can beat out coffee!
(Not that coffee is bad, I just think it’d be fun)
Towards the mid/bottom on the right hand side.

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I voted :)

Yay! :P

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Kittenna said

:O But the options include hot chocolate and cider as well!!!!

But I guess I’ll go with tea because of the options and lack of calories. But I looooove me some hot chocolate… and cider…

Mmmmm hot chocolate. Craving some now. It’s a tisane, it counts! heh heh
I’m not so big on cider, unless it’s loaded up with Cinnamon.

me too- I love all three, but more accurately, Tea, Drinking Chocolate and cider(home mulled).

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amaranthos said

Oh gosh, what if I like basically all hot beverages?!

Tea gets my vote this time just cause I’ve been on a big tea kick over the past few months. (:

I just had a hot chocolate. Inspired by this survey. Soooo good

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I voted, but coffee is still winning =(

one vote at a time!

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I found the cider option strange. In the UK we drink cider cold, in a local pub or from a can at home. I understand that in some cold places you would have just about everything warm/hot but it was just surprising to see.

Uniquity said

I think that in the UK cider s typically alcoholic, yes? There are “hard” cider and non-alcoholic cider here, I think they would be referring to the non-alcoholic here.

I didn’t realise you could get non alcoholic cider…it sounds like virtually warm apple juice. Here it’s all alcoholic.

@ch3rryprinc3ss: essentially, yes, it is warm apple juice, usually a spiced apple juice, although, typically the apple cider is not quite as filtered as apple juice so there is more apple “pulp” to it.

I remember going to England for an exchange program in highschool… it was during my bday week, and the host family insisted I have a cider, as it was tradition on your bday?
boy was I shocked when it was alcoholic! though it was really tasty

@ Indigobloom
Us Brits use any excuse to have a drink lol.

ashmanra said

In the US, the alcoholic kind is called hard cider. There is a lot of debate as to the exact definition of cider here, but some say it is sweetest, less processed and filtered, and comes from the earliest of the apple crop.

I used to work at an apple orchard, and they would use the apples that fell to the ground to make their cider. It was delicious.

When it was cold, it was “heavy,” and had a rather thick, spicy mouthfeel; when it was hot, it was sort of like sweet hot apple juice. It tasted clearer and much lighter. I always drank mine hot because I worked outside, and it was COLD! :)

But yeah, in the US, it’s hard cider if it’s alcoholic.

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I voted, but, unless we can get all the steepsterites to vote, I don’t know that we’ll get anywhere NEAR where coffee stands in the vote so far.

So many are taken in by the evil that is coffee… so sad. :(

I am afraid you are right LiberTEAS, but atleast we can try and get it closer :)
Every vote counts!

People … move away from the darkness and come in to the light …

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Just voted for tea! We’ll get the tea vote up one Steepsterite at a time!

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I voted, but there is a big lead by coffee.

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CK select said

I voted :) Coffee is up by a huge lead but hey, at least tea is 2nd!

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Before clicking and reading your post , I truly thought with the title wording you were taking a shot at a recent company that proclaimed to be dedicated to the converting North American coffee drinkers to the wonderful world of tea…then become bought out by a company that opposes said statement. :)

Sorry to disappoint!

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