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I just came across this article:


With the American Thanksgiving coming, (we already had ours here in Canada!) I thought it would be appropriate to ask the community to pay an homage to Steepster’s creators Jack Cheng, Mike Potter and Jason Roos by telling them thank you for what makes Steepster the place where you want to be and by naming a tea you are thankful you discovered here. So here, if you want to play:

«For me, Steepster is the place to be cause…»
«Without Steepster, I wouldn’t be drinking…»

I’ll start.

For me, Steepster is the place to be cause it opened my eyes to a tea world I did not know existed and it gave me the knowledge that allows me now to experience tea in a way I didn’t think was possible. I also have a bunch of wonderful Steepster friends that I learn from every day!

As a tea hoarder, I joined Steepster in april 2011, looking for a tool to help me organize my cupboard. I thought I already had some tea knowledge… boy, was I wrong! At first,I used Steepster strictly for my cupboard and therefore didn’t spend much time on it, so it took me several months to really get what this place was all about. Now I can’t imagine my life without it, there’s just no other place like it!

Without Steepster, I wouldn’t be drinking my Verdant’s Laoshan Black this morning… what a sad, sad, thing this would be…

I wish to offer a big warm and appreciative THANK YOU to Jack, Mike and Jason for allowing me to be here, a place about tea and people , as simple as that, no gimmicks…

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Steepster is the place for me as it allows me to stay busy with my tea research and my continued enjoyment of tea. I feel like I am employed but not; I mean I take my daily/usual tea logs as a task needing to be done like when at work.

I discovered Matcha teas and Oolong teas which I have come to enjoy and have included them in my life as teas to have in the cupboard.

I am overly sentimental and depressed at times since life seems to always throw negative things my way; so I am grateful that I am able to continue to frequent this site where perhaps another might have cast me away. I am wishing you three a very happy Thanksgiving and much prosperity in all that you do. Thank you very much!

Sorry you have to go through difficult times…No casts away here! Having gone through some difficult times myself this year, I can say that this place always makes me feel better somehow…

Me too! When all of my friends and family were fighting and arguing and angry over election-itis I sat on this website all evening. I recall a conversation I had with a friend of mine’s election night:

Him: What are you doing?
Me: Hanging out in cyber tea-land.
Him: Thank you for not saying anything about the elections.
Me: There is no politics in cyber tea land. Only tea. :)

This site is just so very very relaxing and supportive after a long stressful day of IRL! I love it!

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ssajami said

I’m not American, so I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. However, giving thanks and appreciation is universal. So I’m adding my thanks to the creators of this wonderful site. You have created a warm and accepting environment. The people here, tea drinkers and vendors alike are friendly and fun. I have learned a lot from Steepster and found many teas that I can no longer be without.

I want to mention that I didn’t post this as a celebration of Thanksgiving so everyone is welcomed to just express their gratitude :-)

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Ninavampi said

For me, Steepster is the place to because I have met so many amazing people that share my love (obsession) with tea. I have discovered new tastes as well as new teas and tea shops through the advice and experience of others. I have learned that support, caring, and advice can come from amazing people that may be far away, but care and share a common love for tea!

Thanks Steepster, Steepster creators, and most of all, thanks Steepsterites! :)

Thanking YOU Ninavampi, a Steepsterite by excellence! I always enjoy reading you:-)

Ninavampi said


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Serenity said

Jack, Mike, and Jason
I think you’re
wicked smart
this site is a
work of art
I raise my tea cup high
to thank you, each guy!
:: fingers snapping::

gmathis said

Groovy. Diggin’ it. :)

Nice groovy jazz beat!

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For me Steepster is my Facebook. I spend more time on here than anywhere else. I have meet many like-minded people and been exposed to a tea world I never thought existed. The community here is amazing, I love this place. I would not have ever gotten into puerh tea, much less heard of it, and I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here drinking River Rain I received in a swap. The generosity and kindness of Steepsterites are always a warm welcome and pleasant surprise.

Thank you Jack, Mike, and Jason for creating, up-keeping, and improving upon this place for all of us.

Babble said

I easily spend more time on here, too, than anywhere else. :)

And I think I swapped you the River Rain, didn’t I? I haven’t even had a chance to try it, yet.

Yes you did, I just did a note on it too! It’s pretty good! You’ll probably see a lot of thank you’s this week. I went home for the week and brought the entire envelope you sent me!

Babble said

Yay! I hope you enjoy it! :)

It was good! It re-steeped well too. I hope you enjoy it too!

Babble said

I will get to it eventually. Unfortunately, because of an experimental diet I’m on I’ve been limiting my caffiene to see if it helps relieve symptoms :(

(It’s only for a few days, though, thankfully)

Invader Zim, it is also MY Facebook!

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Babble said

For me, Steepster is an awesome place where there’s lots of tea knowledge, but the community is very warm and friendly, too. There are other tea communities I go to, but they are not nearly as warm and accessible as Steepster.

Without Steepster, I wouldnt’t be drinking 95% of the teas I drink. It would mostly just be Adagio and Tevavana. :)

Thanks Jack, Mike, and Jason for an awesome community. I’m honored I got to actually meet Jason in NYC this summer.

This is the only tea community I take part in. I’ve seen some of the others, but this one feels like home. It seems a lot more warm and accessible to me too.

I too would still be stuck with Teavana, and some Harney and Sons (H&S isn’t bad at all though).

That’s so awesome that you actually got to meet Jason!

Babble said

Yeah, I’ll check in on those from time to time, but they are a little more “elitist” and not quite as welcoming as Steepster.

Harney & Sons is definitely not bad. But it’s nice to branch out. Although us Steepsters might take “branching out” a little too far ;)

It just worked out that I was in NYC when a bunch of Steepsters met up, but I’m glad I did :)

Steepster seems a lot more relaxed than a lot of other tea sites. It’s one of the things I really like about this place. I mean some people write mostly stories for their notes, not that I’m complaining, I love the stories, but I bet that kind of thing is frowned upon at other sites. Holy run on sentence Batman! lol!

Branching out too far? Meh, I’m not sure such a thing exists or is bad for us, maybe our wallets though!

I bet that was fun meeting up with a bunch of other Steepsters! What did you all do together? Besides drink tea!

Babble said

Haha, I know what you mean. I like the stories and personal aspects but I know some snobby tea drinkers who would complain you are not talking enough about the leaf!

It was just a small meet up at David’s Tea. We drank tea (of course) and swapped tea. It was a small gathering, but it was nice to meet Jason and some other folks. David’s Tea is neat because they don’t have any where I live. :)

If you go to NYC, you should definitely visit the Harney & Sons store. It’s awesome!!

Rachel, I know they exist, but I never even looked at other tea communities, having found here everything I could hope for! Your comment just confirms that, thank you :-)

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charab said

For me Steepster became a place to be after bumping into it by accident and then discovering how amazingly well accidents can turn out to be. Always enjoying good talks people have here and sharing my own thoughts and giving myself something that’s only mine to have beside the rest of the world that demands my attention. Steepster gives the time I need for my tea cup.

Without Steepster I wouldn’t be having the courage to go and buy Keemun and Oolong and slowly discovering the palette of teas my mind and tongue will simply enjoy for years to come.

Amazing people, cosy atmosphere and sense of making the time slow down for a moment. Kiitos, pojat! / Thank you, guys!

Charab, accidents do happen for a reason :-) Taking time for yourself and slowdown is priceless!

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gmathis said

There’s not much I can do here except ditto, ditto, and ditto. I think most Steepsters agree that the pleasure is as much in the experience as it is in the drink itself. Thus, the stories that range from mundane to gut-wrenching to snort-Ceylon-out-your-nose funny belong here as much as the reviews themselves.

Agreed on that, gmathis! I enjoy the purist reviews as much as the ones providing stories and giggles!

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Donna A said

I’m relatively new on Steepster but am so glad I found it. I have learned a lot, discovered some great teas and tea companies, and gotten to interact with some interesting people. The stories are great and make this a more interesting place to be. The most surprising thing I have discovered since finding Steepster is how much I like good black teas. Thanks to Jack, Mike and Jason for what you started.

I always loved black tea, but I know what you mean, this place opens so many horizons that I find myself constantly developing tastes in a whole new way!

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I love Steepster. It’s really the only place I can go to where people are as nerdy about tea as I am. Sometimes even more! And that’s awesome because I love learning from everyone here. Outside of Steepster, people are resistant to tea themed conversations or get a glazed over look when I give an involved answer a simple question.

Without Steepster, I’d be drinking plain old water and the occasional decaf tea bag. I only came upon Steepster because I was looking for a new place to buy my tea after SpecialTeas ceased to exist. I have found so much and learned so much more because I was forced outside my comfort zone.

Thank you, Steepster! You’ve created a well of knowledge and a kind, generous community.

Definitely a good place for tea nerds:-)

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