Homage to Steepster's creators...

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Helena said

Thanks you brilliant people that created steepster.com :D I love this place as not only did I find some great tea but great people to share it with.

Without steepster I wouldn’t have found my Good Morning Sunshine by Butiki Teas or Maple Syrup Matcha by Red Leaf Tea. I love the stories people post and I love finding others that share my love reading and gaming as well. I’ve seen a few people post G.R.R. Martin, Jim Butcher and such :D this place is awesome! :D

Ahhhhh… Helena and her beloved Good morning sunshine :-) Can’t imagine Steepster without!

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For me, Steepster is the place to be cause when I needed to rant about horrible herbal teas giving me nightmares, the steepster community understood!

Without Steepster, I wouldn’t be drinking anywhere near as much tea as I have started drinking. I go to bed thinking about what teas I can drink, review and share with everyone here and how to do it better! I’m inspired to write, craft and hopefully eventually make youtube videos with this family in mind! Just today, I found my first tea I was convinced to buy by Steepster reviews: Orange Chocolat by Lucipia’s Teas. When I get more money, I’ll see what the big hurrah about David’s Teas is about. :)

I live in a family of coffee (decaf at that, blegh!) drinkers that look at me oddly when I sit down with my tea setup on a tray and a novel. Thank you Steepster and the tea community for showing me that I am not crazy, or at least that I am not the only one whose crazy! Happy Holidays!

Lady of spaydes, we are a little crazy, aren’t we?

We’re so crazy that we’re sane. :)

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Jason admin said

You guys are too awesome! Thanks for making this journey worthwhile for us. Without all of you awesome people this could just be any other tea site. You guys are the part of Steepster that is truly amazing.

Hope you keep this place alive for a very loooooong time!

Mike admin said

Absolutely! Thank you all very much. It’s threads like these that have us excited to invest our time and money into Steepster!

We’re not going anywhere!! Thanks everyone :)


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Jane G said

I come to Steepster because it’s a fun and informational community. I’m from China and I’ve been drining tea all my life. Drinking tea is natural for me. I never questioned why I drink tea. After coming to Steepster community, I learned to slow down: drink but think as well. There are numerous teas on the world and there are many ways to enjoy and appreciate teas. Steepster brings teas and people together.

Jane G, what you’re saying is crucial and is also something this place taught me: THINK and not just drink… it totally changed the way I’m now having tea.

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DaisyChubb said

I can honestly say that without stumbling across Steepster, I probably would not be drinking any tea today.
Perhaps the occasional Celestial Seasonings, tis the season!

I can say with pride that I still enjoy a bag of Candy Cane Lane from CS, but my tea world has grown in the last year and a half to proportions I would have never guessed! A whole new world opened up, thanks to Steepster and its amazing members.

Thank you!

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For me, Steepster is the place to be because it showed me that there are others out there who are as interested, invested, and insane about tea as I have become. Its a common passion between all of us and for me, it is so fun to see what people say, think, and write how tea is a important part of their lives. I feel like I share the actual tea that people drink when they post a well written review. I mean, that’s what its about, right? The way tea is connecting all of us?

Without Steepster, I wouldn’t be drinking Verdant, Kally, Teavivre and others. Nor would I have found my appreciation for white tea, honed my sense of smell to discover the beauty of just-steeped leaves or the intricate colors of various tea styles. I wouldn’t have accumulated the knowledge of a world that I didn’t understand before and am now better off for it.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t find tea and Steepster.

Well put, Conaughtyco… I’m loving everything you said!

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BoxerMama said

For me, Steepster is the place to be because I love to learn and when I find something I enjoy it amplifies that!
Without Steepster, I wouldn’t be drinking anything other than DT! It has opened my eyes to a whole new world! I would still be boiling my water for green tea!

Yeah that’s it Boxermama, Steepster is a TeaAmplifier!

BoxerMama said

No doubt! Before steepster I had 3 tins of tea… Not anymore!

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MissLena said

For me, Steepster is the place to be because it has opened my eyes to so many different types of tea! I would never have known about pu’erh, had I not seen it on here. I also would have no idea what a Yixing teapot is, and would not be anxiously awaiting receiving one in the mail! I also would still be drinking lots of pop. Steepster had helped me nourish my love of tea and find a true passion for it. Also, I can review teas without criticism and just let my thoughts flow – it’s a really good creative outlet. I don’t get much creative writing time being in a technical field of study, so Steepster allows me to let loose whatever creative thoughts build up when I drink tea!

Without Steepster, I wouldn’t be drinking any Verdant tea!! And I can’t imagine not having tried the Yunnan White Jasmine, or the Laoshan green, or, well, any of them!

Thank you so much Steepster! You have pretty much replaced my facebook, and I love that I’ve found an amazingly considerate online forum that I can voice my thoughts without worrying that someone will openly laugh at them. Thanks!!

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Bonnie said

Without Steepster

It’s been less than a year for me. My Priest, Fr. Evan says that he can see a big difference in me since I started drinking tea and joined Steepster.
You… kind and generous people on Steepster encouraged me with a little notes at the end of my first timid tea reviews, accepting me when I knew absolutely nothing about tea.
Without you, I would never have ventured out to my local tea shop and I would have no contact with people on a day to day basis.
I didn’t even drink tea at this time a year ago!!!

I had never heard of Genmiacha, Oolong, Pu-erh! To me steep had something to do with going up a hill.

Now I have a tea blog. That’s funny isn’t it! Me. Ms. Ex-Coffee drinker!

You have accepted me, a wacky, crazy old woman into your tea community and it has been truthfully healing and humbling to me. And I’m not just talking about the people reviewing tea. Tea Vendors are shockingly nice, to a fault, amazingly kind in a
way that I never expected.

To the creators of Steepster, Thank-you! To the members of Steepster, my adopted tea family, I care for all of you!

Sil select said

aw…we think you’re pretty awesome too Bonnie!

Ninavampi said

:) Yep!! Bonnie, you are most definitely awesome!

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