Kally Tea said

Happy Thanksgiving Steepsters! Get a load of this sale!

We wanted to let all our fellow Steepsters know of the Kally Tea Black Friday Sale.

Any orders for TEA (sorry only tea!) placed on Friday, November 23, 2012 will be automatically DOUBLED!

Order one 2 oz. package = get 2
Order two 2 oz. packages = get 4
Order three 2 oz. packages = get 6

No code needed!

This is the perfect opportunity to get the tea lover on your holiday list taken care of early!
And maybe a chance to get some tea for yourself at the same time.

We want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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Kally Tea said

Just a reminder on the above sale.
Automatic 2-4-1 sale for Friday November 23, 2012 on all tea ordered.
There is no need for a code, all orders have the tea automatically doubled!
Still full from yesterday? We are! Time to drink a cuppa!

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