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Tea Sommelier (2018) by Delmas and Minet

I’m not sure how I can create a book report here on Steepster. If there is another form on this forum for this, please let me know! In the meantime, I am opening up a discussion about this book, and look forward to reading about your book recommendations.

I picked up the Tea Sommelier book in a Canadian bookstore (Indigo) while looking for a comprehensive book about tea that would help me understand the various tea types, as well as the different grades of tea. The book is the work of two French tea sommeliers, and they also offer a variety of tea tastings and courses at their store / school in Paris France.

The book is richly and beautifully illustrated. Each page opens to a new lesson. At 224 pages, the book consists of over 100 two-page lessons on a given topic about tea. I find this book easy to read, very approachable, and in particular I appreciate the fine detail about tea tasting. For example, there are a dozen pages describing the major aromas of tea (fruit, plants, minerals, smoke, animal and other aromas). The book offers substantial chapters on each type of tea as well as each region where tea is grown. There is also a section on pairing tea with food, and recipes of tea IN food.

I’m a tea newbie, transitioning from the various tea blends available in my grocery store and at the duty free (think Twinings, Fortnum and Mason, etc etc). My new year’s resolution is to learn more about tea, and train my nose and palate on tea, much like I am also training on wine.

If you have other books that you would like to recommend, please respond to this thread! Thx, CWall.

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