Black Friday

Hey tea lovers :)

I just wanted to start a thread so everyone can share what they know about Black Friday tea sales this year. I know this is only in the U.S. but the sales are available to everyone, so enjoy!!

For anyone who doesn’t celebrate Black Friday, it’s the day after Thanksgiving when stores have their biggest sales (much like Canada’s Boxing Day from what I hear).

I know that Della Terra is doing 40% off all teas and 60% off select teas.

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Sil select said

there was a thread already going on this but I tried to find it to bump it and couldn’t. hopefully someone else will have better luck than me this morning, apparently the tea hasn’t kicked in yet :)

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Yeah I could only find them from 2010 and 2011 so I started a new one. Sorry everyone.

Sil select said

Don’t be sorry! :) I couldn’t find it to bump so there you go lol.

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Cedes said

found it and bumped it up for you.

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