Zen Tea Samples!


My ZenTea samples arrived today and I am super excited. I am waiting to open them though until A. I buy some tea tins or B. I crack, open one and put it in a ziplock. I just opened a Orange Chocolat black tea I bought from Lupicia’s Tea yesterday and at the very least, I will wait until I have written my review on it before I crack one of these babies open.

I received Bossa Nova, Vanilla Heaven and Grey Blue Flower. I’m just so happy about my first samples ever. Any tips or suggestions?

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Sil select said

Pro tip – drink up! enjoy! write a tasting note! haha

I haven’t tried any of those from Zen tea but so far their samples have been pretty good! :) Hope you find some winners in that bunch.

Me too! Thanks!

I made sure to request some things I’ve never had before. I have never had an Oolong, and the closest to Earl Grey is this chiffon cake that my boyfriend introduced me to. I also didn’t know what a rooibos(although now I am sure I have had many) was so I got that too. I’m looking forward to being pleasantly surprised!

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Oh, go on, crack and just go for option B already! Ziplocks in the dark will do just fine for now :-)

True… so tempting!!! Maybe ill open the Vanilla Heaven after dinner since it’s a rooibos, I drank a good 24oz of very strong black tea already so I’ve had ALL the caffeine.

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