New article about uses for used tea leaves

There are some ideas here I haven’t heard before, thought I would pass it along:

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Thanks for linking this! I might try using spent leaves on that large uncomfortable burn I got while making tea, ironically. One of the tips confuses me though.

16. Treat the dog
As an extravagance, loose leaf gunpowder tea is a treat for dogs to roll around in. It’s great for the aroma and luster it adds to the coat.

I’m curious…why does it have to be gunpowder tea? Why is that better than another green tea? Also, in what crazy universe would you be able to convince your dogs they should roll around in tea leaves and not eat them? I don’t understand the science in this tip! Halp!

Yeah. I thought that one was odd too. LOL.

Bubbles said

Hope it helps your burn. I’ve used tea on sunburns before, and it works well. I’ve just never thought to use it on any other type of burn.

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Cavocorax said

Throw it in your cat litter: trying this tonight. Thanks for the link.

Uniquity said

The cat litter sounds brilliant. My tea input is the only thing that might match my kitty’s litter output!

ROFL @ Uniquity!

I noticed that one too, just working on my own article for used tea. Saved my tea for the entire weak and was letting it dry so I can make a herbal pillow, herbal candles (from jasmine tea) and tea lipgloss from it. Might have to put my article on hold and try the cat litter one first instead :)

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How does an aroma nourish soil?

Thanks for the link, I might try that one next time I cook with onions!
(deodorizing hands)

I actually don’t mind when garlic lingers on my fingers. It’s usually faint and mmmmm garlic! I might be weird.

Uniquity said

My fiancee and I are garlic nuts – we use several heads a week and have a cutting board used specifically for garlic that has the most delicious aroma. Mmmm!

You make a good point!!
Garlic is an aroma I enjoy to. Onions? bleh!

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