quitting smoking. help???

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All of the above! I and most of my friends smoked most of the last 15 years. Almost all of us have quit in the past several, so I have too much experience with this. The best successes were when we knew our triggers and dedicated to the cause. Whatever you think will help, try. Indulge a little and don’t shy away from getting the supplies you feel might help. I liked the ecig, especially when I found a flavor that I liked, but it helped my friends more than me. Activity helps. Changing your pattern is the really hard part. Patches can help TONS, and if it is really bad talk to your dr, there is a great medication (antidepressant) that helps called Wellbutrin.

Oh, not to write a book on the subject, but I found with my own experience that the first few weeks/months I had to change certain behaviors if I wanted to make it. I stopped eating overmuch at dinner, switched away from espresso, and didn’t do any hard drinking at the pub for a while. They were all BAD triggers for me and I made sure to replace them with something I enjoyed that made me feel good. Teas, superbubblebaths and smoothies, usually. :) I was super self-indulgent and spent a lot of money during that time but I really still think it was worth it.

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