Tea NAME Suggestions

Okay…so…this is totally random…

I was just listening to the theme from St. Elmo’s Fire and I thought that would be an awesome name for a tea.

What other suggestions to you have for creative tea names?
Perhaps a tea company will pick up suggestions we make, eh!?

A girl can dream right!? teeheee

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Em said

Following along the lines of St. Elmo’s Fire, they could do all the 80’s brat pack movies :)

I would TOTALLY buy that!

Janefan said

OH! That’s a great idea Em! There could be:
—Breakfast Club (breakfast blend)
—16 Candles (birthday cake flavored)
—Pretty in Pink (umm, strawberry? rooibos? Hibiscus???)

What else?

LOVE this idea!

Ooh, the Breakfast Club is awesome.

Keeping the 80’s rolling:

Some Kind of Wonderful
About Last Night (bit of a risqué movie for the time)
Weird Science


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darby select said

Love that idea!

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Serenity said

So fun! To continue the theme of 80s movies, I thought 16 Candles could be a smokey blend, just because I love the scent of birthday candles when they’ve been blown out; but I love your idea, Janefan. More 80s movie, though not sticking with the brat pack theme, which I love and want more of, though:
Project X: crazy black tea blend with toasted walnuts and dried bananas
Say Anything: a kicky green blend with some chili
Short Circuit: a vegetal green with cornflowers
Blade Runner: a gunpowder with just a little ginger
So many fun movie inspired tea names…

GREAT ideas!

Janefan said

OH, I like the smoky idea too!

LOL love the Blade Runner blend :)

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Dustin said

Nikki’s Revenge. Nikki is the daughter of Vernita Green in Kill Bill and wittnessed the Bride killing her mother. The Bride said when Nikki was older, if she still felt raw about it she could come find her. The tea would have to be bittersweet for sure.

Very interesting!!! Neat idea!

And of course Black Mamba or honestly any of the characters of Kill Bill could have teas named after them.

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I thought that my most creative tea name was “Sweet Caramel O’Mine” because I’m a Guns N’ Roses fan and my caramel tea ROCKED.

That tea was awesome, btw! I sure miss it!

Dustin said

I love GnR almost as much as I love Skid Row. How about a Monkey Business Oolong?

Hmmm… We could do an orange tea for Skid Row fans and call it “Slave to the Rind”. haha.

Dustin said

^I approve!!!

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Clockwork Orange. :) That’s one of my favorite books/films. Even “Old Chai and Moloko” I think they would have to immediately go in my cupboard. Or a Pu-erh named “Time Warp”??? I love a good bad cult film. :)

Way cool!

Dustin said

Only problem with a Time Warp tea is you would never stop drinking it. You would get to the bottom of your cup and have to do it again.

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You guys are awfully creative. Any ideas for an eggnog name? So far its just Eggnog. I’ve got nothing. For a hot minute I wanted to call it “Big Nog” but I think maybe 2 people would get the reference.

Serenity said
Dustin said

You could do an old Beastie Boys reference: Eggnog on Mojo. I was trying to think of a Mork and Mindy reference since Mork’s space ship was an egg, but I got nothing.

Em said

Egg-nog, goo goo g’joob

Wow, a Monty Python, Beastie Boys, and Beatles reference. You guys rock!

Dustin said

This thread is exposing my inner dork. Ah well, it was bound to show sooner or later. There go all my cool points.
So what was the Big Nog a reference to? Crass is the only thing I can guess.

Hahahaha, oops. Well, we are all on a tea site completely showing our tea nerd side. It references Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira, AKA Big Nog. He’s a well-known UFC fighter and my favorite Ultimate Fighter coach. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant%C3%B4nio_Rodrigo_Nogueira

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Bonnie said
E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Terminator, Tootsie, Airplane, The Color Purple, When Harry Met Sally, The Big Chill, Big, Body Heat, Fatal Attraction, Amadeus, …to name a few…great decade for movies!!!

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I’d love to include classic 80’s TV shows: Small Wonder, Silver Spoon, Three’s Company, Too Close for Comfort. Such a good idea!

Love the idea of Clockwork Orange, even though it’s from the 70’s. It’s still a classic and should be grouped here!

What a cool idea! Tea companies take note! :)

Serenity said

TV shows! Moonlighting: something that simmers with chemistry and adventure!

I love Three’s Company! Not sure what that would taste like though…
I wonder what a Columbo would taste like… and then there’s Monk too, but I think iif I were to pay homage to mystery and crime solving shows, id start with Murder She Wrote."

Threes company would probably be a nice mix of three different types of tea. Perhaps one to represent each of the main characters?

Hm… a very masculine/seductive taste, a very femine sweet taste and a smart/spicy taste?

Like an oolong (for the nutty nature of the show) with ginger and jasmine or rose maybe? Would that work out?

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Lynxiebrat said

pouts I thought I posted to this the other day….maybe it got ate-ed. (My nephew’s term. ;)) Ok my reply as far as I can remember: I thought of Save ferris, but that is a band name, and couldn’t think of another name. The tea could be a black tea base, Raspberry, Vanilla with Chocolate chips. Or it could go well with a Rooibos base.

Pretty in Pink: Would have to be a Strawberries and Cream, but with Orange thrown in for the funky aspects of the movie and clothing.

Hmm Murder She Wrote…something classy but with a twist. Like maybe a Earl Grey or English Breakfast variant.
Columbo, hidden depths, for his tendency to come off as a bumbling detective but then at the last minute…strikes! Always gets his man. Mild taste at 1st then a leaving impression of ginger maybe…..
Never got into Monk, the bits and pieces I saw of the shows turned me off, so I couldn’t begin to say what would be good for that one.

The only thing I could think of for the Egg Nog, was Nog Hug, if as a tea kind of like cuddling with someone in front of a fire, and/or watching a movie.

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