Tea Loving Pinterest Users: Let's Collaborate

Aloha Steepster Tea Friends.
Is anyone using Pinterest to share what you love about tea? My company Tealet (http://www.tealet.com/) has been developing a collaboration board with over 70 contributors, it’s a great place to see interesting pieces of tea culture from around the world. The board is called “For the Love of Tea” and you can view it here: http://pinterest.com/teafarms/for-the-love-of-tea/

You can also follow our boards here: http://pinterest.com/tealet/

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TeaPro said

Hi Elyse! I’d love to collaborate on your tea board!! I’ll make sure to follow your account.
I’ve just started a new Pinterest account on everything related to TEA: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/teaproUK/
It has tea inspiration, recipes, health benefits and much more!
Hope you like it :-)

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