Skysamurai said

A box of tea

I have a box of tea. I’ve considered doing a TTB but considering that I can’t post anything besides starting topics I figured I’d just see if anyone wants a box of tea. It has a ton of different types of tea and tisane in it. Including a Verdant special tisane that only came in a box. I can put a whole list here and if others want to make a TTB out of this they can.

Can someone one please look into this problem or hand the reigns over to someone whos willing to actually fix things…

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I wouldn’t mind starting up a TTB for you, SkySamurai. I miss organizing them! I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble. Some of us have been worried that some can’t even log in. :/

Oh and I’ll bump up your swap topic again.

Unless your trade thread would BE the TTB. And you would want to be the last person who received the TTB, am I right?

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Dustin said

If you made a secondary account could you post normally from that? It would be a pain to have to log in and out of accounts to post in one and tea log in another, but not being able to post replies seems like a pain too. :/

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AJRimmer said

I would totally participate in a TTB!

Shae said

Same! I had so much fun with the last TTB, I would love to do another. I’m also happy to help with posting for SkySamurai, if that’s an option. Maybe email the details and we can post for you?

AJRimmer and Shae – I posted a new thread about the teabox! Thank you for being generous enough for a starter teabox, SkySamurai! If you ever need to switch anything up about it, just pass me a message. :D

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