'Samurai' Traveling Tea Box!!! SIGNUPS NOW OPEN

Anyone up for another traveling tea box?  SkySamurai has some teas to pass along, so that sounds like a good starter box.  SkySamuari also can’t post in the threads, so I’m doing the upkeep of the thread for the teabox.  I ran the ’Here’s Hoping’ teabox for (I think?) eight rounds so I was VERY thankful that we had such luck and success with that one!   I’m not sure if this will be international, I guess depending on who wants to ship international?  Or at least to Canada?  Please no offense if you’d like to join international but the shipping just won’t work out.  These get pretty expensive just to ship within the US.   

Some quick rules:
+Make sure you’re following a couple people before and after you on the shipping list so they can contact you.
+Please only include teas on the fresh side.  It’s not worth it to ship a bunch of stale tea around.
+Please only use scent-proof packaging for the teas you include to prevent flavor contamination.
+Don’t keep the teabox too long!
+No ‘priority’ mailing boxes please, as these are only supposed to be used once.
+Make sure ‘Samurai tea box’ is written on an inside flap of the box.
+Within this thread, please post which teas you have removed from the box and added to the box.
+Please post on the thread when you receive and mail out the box.

So if all of this sounds okay to you, please post here which state (or country) you’re in and where you don’t mind mailing to. Thanks!

Shipping order***
Tea-sipper        New York
AJRimmer           New Mexico
Michelle           Wyoming
Arby              Canada
Roswell Strange   Canada
Amandastory516  California
Inkling           Wisconsin
Shae              Alabama
back to Tea-sipper before going back to SkySamurai to make sure none of SkySamurai’s tea is going back?  Unless SkySamurai wants to do a round 2?

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Shae said

I would be interested in joining! I’m in Alabama, USA. Shouldn’t be any trouble for me to send to Canada. I’ve never mailed anything outside of the USA or Canada, but I can look at rates if we have someone who wants to participate elsewhere.

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I’d love to participate again! I’m in Los Angeles, US. I’d prefer to ship within the US.

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AJRimmer said

I’m in New Mexico and would also prefer to ship within the US!

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Arby said

I’m in Canada but am willing to ship to the USA.

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Inkling said

I’d love to join! (Enjoyed your “Here’s Hoping” box in the past, tea-sipper!) I’m in Wisconsin, USA and would prefer not to ship to Canada if possible.

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It’s been a while since I did a travelling tea box, but I’m flush with teas and would love an excuse to share some of them so I’m down to participate, assuming we have someone willing to ship to Canada (I’m in Quebec).

I don’t mind shipping to the US, and if we have anyone international I’d be open to shipping there as well.

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I’m in Wyoming and I don’t mind shipping to Canada.

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Shipping order is up! PLEASE let me know if anyone wants to change anything in the order… like if some of you swap teas a lot and are next to each other on the list… or something like Arby always being before Roswell Strange in the order of teaboxes since they are both in Canada?

I’ll be traveling next week, if you or AJ want to send it to someone else before me that would be fine.

I’ll definitely have the teabox for at least one more week, so I think you’re safe?

Sounds good.

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OK, so while I’m likely sitting these sorts of things out till I have more to share, can you someone explain to me again how these things work for future reference? Someday I’d love to get in on one of these, I just… I’m a bit nervous that I’d do it wrong!

Oh it’s not difficult… you just replace the same amount of fresher teas you remove/try in resealable scent-proof pouches and then mail to the next person on the list whenever you think you’ve tried the teas you want to try. Some people, it takes a couple weeks to mail the box out. Others, they like to get the box mailed out quick and they just take the samples they want out for a later steeping time. I’m not sure if I’m being obvious with this explanation or do you have specific questions? I’ve done these teaboxes so long, I’m not sure what newbies need to know. haha

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