'Samurai' Traveling Tea Box!!!

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The teabox has finally been mailed to AJRimmer!
Since these are delicate times and everyone is concerned about this virus, especially as the scientists aren’t really sure what is happening with the time frames, if/how long this virus can last on something like tea. I don’t know, I don’t think the scientists know yet.  I actually had the teabox sealed up and waiting to be mailed two and a half weeks ago, then was unable to get to the post office, so that might even be a way to go about approaching this teabox.  I have not been sick at all, no one around me has been sick, so this teabox should be good to go, if that helps anyone’s peace of mind (for this stop of the journey anyway). I ended up liking how it happened that way, waiting to mail the box, so I can 100% say that I have not been sick and had no symptoms (since it looks like the virus might be present in someone a while before they show symptoms). It gives ME peace of mind for mailing the box onward.  However, if anyone wants to drop out of the teabox at any point or be switched around in the order for any reason, let me know.  This is completely understandable during these unprecedented-in-our-times times.   Just use your best judgement to keep yourself and all other tea drinkers safe.

Arby said

If nobody minds, I would like to switch the order of Roswell Strange and I. I was after Michelle a month ago when I did another travelling tea box and so I already tried a lot of Michelle’s teas. They were excellent, but I would like to try some more new ones if that is ok.

I’m fine with that switch if everyone else is.

Sure! I could even move Shae before Canada and Michelle after Canada? Shae was fine with shipping to Canada as well? Let me know what everyone thinks.

Also, I made the mistake of not asking AJRimmer plans before mailing the teabox, and now it will be sitting in an apartment mail room until the first week of April. So this is completely my fault. Whatever works with everyone on the teabox… I’m NOT worrying about timing at this point.

Shae said

Yep, I’m still good with shipping to Canada. The only thing is, if I’m closer to the top of the list, I don’t know when I’ll be able to make it to the post office with all this quarantine business. We are only leaving the house for necessities at this point. But I will certainly do what I can, depending on how the next few weeks pan out!

Totally understand, Shae. Like I said, I’m not picky about timing on this teabox and anyone can keep it for as long as they are comfortable keeping it. It will probably be well after the first week of April before AJRimmer even sends it on to anyone.

The list is switched around if anyone wants to check it to make sure it’s fine. I can always make changes!

Shae said

Sounds good to me! Thanks for organizing!

Ok by me. Thanks for keeping this going, I look forward to the interesting tasting notes from the box!

Arby said

Thanks everyone

AJRimmer said

Update: I had planned to return home over the weekend, but I’ve extended my trip by a bit. I’ll be back around the 15th, and will have the box mailed to Shae as early as I can. I’m sorry for all these delays!

Shae said

Sounds good to me! I obviously can’t speak for the others but I’m not in any kind of rush, especially with recent events. I personally don’t plan to leave the house any time soon so if there is someone who would like the box sooner rather than later I’m happy to switch. Otherwise, it might be hanging out with me until it feels a little safer in the world. If I need to be removed, I understand that too. I don’t want to inconvenience anyone.

Not a problem, just as long as you’re staying safe!

Edited: oh sorry, I just woke my computer up for the day and didn’t see your reply, Shae. (The above message is for AJRimmer.) I think since it will be a while until AJRimmer goes through the teabox, we can wait and see what happens? I can always switch things around when AJRimmer is closer to mailing and like you say, it is completely fine if you end up keeping the teabox for a while… I just want everyone to stay safe. But whatever you choose to do in a couple weeks is fine.

Inkling said

Yeah, in these weird times, I feel like the usual TTB rules don’t really apply. No rush on my account, anyway!

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