'Samurai' Traveling Tea Box!!!

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Shae said

I want to give an update so no one thinks the tea box is lost. :)

I’ve been working from home these past few months and planned to do so for as long as my boss would let me. I found out today that he is having some of us go in to work starting the week of June 15th. I’m included in that group, so my plan is to drop the tea box at the post office one day that week. I’m thinking probably the 16th or the 18th. Then it’ll be on its way to Roswell Strange. I know I’ve kept it a while, I normally wouldn’t have, but with the virus I haven’t felt safe to go out. I still don’t, honestly, but since I have to be at work it feels like a good time to mail the box while I’m already out. I hope this hasn’t inconvenienced anyone.

If you are after me on the list and have a tea request from my cupboard, please DM me and I’ll add it to the box!

Shae said

The tea box is officially on its way to Roswell Strange!

Here is the box update -

Adagio – Tie Kuan Yin Black
DAVIDsTEA – Saigon Chai
Great Tea Road – Sun Moon Lake #18
Lupicia – Neptune
Simpson & Vail – Valentine’s
Tea Runners – White Pearls
Teakruthi – Two Seasons
Udyan Tea – Jungpana Tippy Musk Black Tea

English Tea Store – Berry Berry
English Tea Store – Decaf Bella Coola
English Tea Store – Lime Gelato
Simpson & Vail – Caribbean Splash

52Teas – Bootleg Nilgiri
52Teas – Cotton Candy Genmaicha
52Teas – Rocky Road
52Teas – Tangerine Cupcake with Marshmallow Frosting
A Quarter to Tea – Apple Ginger Remedy
A Quarter to Tea – Baklava
A Quarter to Tea – Turtle Dove
Adagio – Clotted Cream
Adagio – Cream
Ahmad Tea – Apple Refresh
BLK + BOLD – Passion Fruit
Cup of Té – Cream of Earl Grey
Cup of Té – English Breakfast
Cup of Té – London Calling
Cup of Té – Noms Berry Delight
DAVIDsTEA – Fantasy Island
Della Terra Teas – Caramel Oolong
Geeky Teas – EquesTEA
Handmade Teas – Pineapple Old Bay
Harbor Tea & Spice – Ice Cave Blue Tea
Harney & Sons – Queen Catherine
Joseph Wesley Tea – Assam
Joseph Wesley Tea – Keemun Congfu
My Cup of Tea – Blue Suede Shoes Organic Wild Blueberry
My Cup of Tea – Dreamsicle
My Cup of Tea – Mango Fruit Tea
My Cup of Tea – Mango Tango Green
My Cup of Tea – Memphis After Dark Chocolate Mint
My Cup of Tea – Prairie Passion
My Cup of Tea – Strawberry Decaf
My Cup of Tea – Very Berry Delicious Fruit Tea
Petali Teas – Vintage Violet
Plum Deluxe – Porch Sippin Pecan
QNTM Leaf Tea – GABA Oolong
QNTM Leaf Tea – Purple Jade
Tupelo Tea – Bourbon Black
Verdant Tea – Cola Blend
Whispering Pines – Golden Orchid

Any tea that’s older was either requested or on someone’s wishlist. Everything else was purchased recently.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with me keeping it longer than usual. This was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s notes!

WHOA, that is a list of teas, Shae! Thanks

Shae said

I just placed a few orders so I had some to share. :) I think I might like putting a box together just as much as I like receiving one.

yeah, sharing teas is half the fun. :D

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