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Can someone identify these old teas?

I was cleaning out my pantry when I saw a bunch of very old (2-19 years old!) Chinese/Taiwanese tea. My dad bought/was gifted all of these throughout the years and I guess he never bothered to drink it? Can anyone identify these teas?

[Alishan High Mountain Tea – 2008](

[Wuyishan Tea](

[Dong Ding Group Tea – 2001](

[Chinese Tea](

[Long Jing Tea – 2001](

[Selected Famous Tea](

[Selected Famous Tea – 2002](

[meng shan tea](

[Taiwan Alpine Tea](

[China top 10 famous tea](

[China famous Tea – 2001](

[Jin Fuhong](

[Taiwan Black Tea](

[White Tea](

[Black Tea (China)](

[Shan Li Xi](

[Longjing Tea](

All of these are sealed/vacuum packed. Are they still safe to drink? I also found some that were unsealed, am I correct in assuming those would no longer be safe?

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52Teas said

I don’t know that they would be “unsafe” to drink – but with some teas, there is a loss of flavor. I don’t think tea actually goes “bad” – unless it’s a tea that is blended with ingredients that can go bad. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can step in and offer up their expertise here? To my knowledge, the tea leaves themselves do not actually “go bad” – they just lose their flavor or go stale – so the fresher, the better. (Although that’s not necessarily true when it comes to aged tea, I suppose.)

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