Tealet Launches New Site

Aloha everyone. My team has been working very hard to build a beautiful new website for Tealet.


Please take a look and let me know what you think. Check out our videos, most of them were filmed on a trip to Wazuka, a tea growing village in Kyoto, Japan.

What other kind of content would you like to see?

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I think the site looks gorgeous! You and your team have much to be proud of. It’s a wonderful site!

I wanted to try to find something to offer some constructive criticism because I know that flowery praise is not helpful … but I could not find anything that needed that type of criticism, nor do I notice anything that is lacking. I find it to be a really lovely site. Easy to navigate. The only thing that I can think of is that perhaps a close up of the teas you offer, so that we can see the detail? That is really not all that important, but, I usually appreciate a good close up of the tea.

I also enjoy that each tea has a video review.

Thank you so much. We have many things to test and see what looks best. We will include more close ups soon. Also, for the tasting videos we want to start collaborating with the community and share in this experience. We would also like to get some seasoned experts to work with us. Anyone interested?

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VeryPisces said

Has this been launched yet? I’m reading the info and so far it looks great- I guess my question has been answered. My only criticism is that on my Rockmelt (Google Chrome) browser on my Mac, I am seeing question marks throughout the copy. I guess it’s a font issue. I’m very interested in this way of buying tea and after some more reading I want to decide whether to subscribe!

Yes, it’s been launched. We have been shipping tea to people since August. Looking forward to this holiday season.

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VeryPisces said

One more question- I’m not seeing how the teas are chosen. Do I choose the particular teas I want each month? Do I only get one type of tea for the 60 gms or can it be a combination of different teas?

Right now the teas are all curated, so if you sign up for the subscription you will receive the four teas that are highlighted on the front page. You can purchase a particular tea on it’s own by going to the “Tea” tab, each tea has a profile page. You can purchase directly from the profile page.

We are working up to a more customizable system where we track your preferences and will try our best to curate the teas that you prefer. You will have much more choice in the teas that come to you. It’s kind of like the Netflix model.

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