Oolong Identification ~help needed~

I need some help Identifying an Oolong that I received today. My uncle bought a house that used to belong to a German family. He’s lived there awhile (a year-ish?) and has found many many goodies in this house, one of which is a VERY large metal canister of Oolong tea.
He let me keep it. the leaves inside are not rolled, are in whole leaf and twig pieces (but not rolled), and are of unknown age.
a picture of the canister: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/c0.0.403.403/p403x403/182518_584486569968_117762168_n.jpg
the tea leaves look like this: some big some small some twigs. when brewed the leaves about the same sizes as the green oolong i got from tea from Taiwan, but a lot darker.

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DC said

The words on the can say Dong Ding Oolong but the leaves don’t look like it. Dong Ding should be shaped like a ball.
How about the wet leaves?

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I’ll take some pictures right now, as i am drinking/brewing some.
these are the leaves after about 4-5 infusions…
close up
all the leaves are about the same size. some are skinnier than others. some are a little broken because i was not very carefully when i was scooping it out (whoops).

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DC said

Could be a dong ding after all, just not well-rolled.

The wet leaves looks like the Taiwanese style but still could be anything

By process of elimination:
Could be one of the High Mountains (Alishan, San Lin Xi etc) or Dong Ding, Cuiyu, Jinxuan

No reason to label a High Mountain tea as a Dongding since the former costs more.
If there is no milky taste, you can eliminate jinxuan
If the floral notes are not pronounced, you can eliminate cuiyu

So probably the label is right after all, just doesn’t look well rolled, at least from those you shared.
At first I thought it might be a Minnan tea but there is no sign of ‘shuai qing’ on the leaves

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I don’t know what a milky taste would be as i have not had any jinxuan as of yet. I have had green oolong (luan Tsuie from teafromtaiwan) and it has a floral smell and flavor. This Mystery oolong does not have a particular floral smell or flavor to it.
but the flavor may have changed, as i don’t know how old this tea really is. When it brews (2 tsp per 200ml) it has a clear light brown/slightly orange color.

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