Flavored vs. Unflavored - what's your preference?

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Donna A said

I’m glad you’re going to add a few more pure teas. I enjoy both. I’ve tried a lot of Chinese blacks because of reading reviews on Steepster, but I have less experience with other pure blacks. Quality at an affordable price is more important than quantity. My favorite smaller tea companies have affordable teas, and seem to be pretty selective in what they offer, which I like.

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Zeks said

I like ginseng oolong very much but otherwise I prefer unflavoured or blends

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I much prefer unflavored as a rule, but among flavored, I use traditionally (usually asian )flavored (such as traditional chai or Morrocan mint type) or traditional seasonal teas, such as rose and cherry blossom blends in spring, or jasmine. I also like some teas with ginger or mints mixed in.
exploring numi pu erh tea recently too-I think some of those are flavored-among the ones I like are some “velvety and smooth”, “aromatic and spicy” type labeling. One of my favorites is white tea with mint and rose blended in.

Will sometimes flavor a tea with an herbal tea too.
I do NOT like anything overtly sweet, but I do like smokey or light florals.

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Nicole said

I drink a lot of flavoreds but I like to be able to taste the tea, not just the flavoring. That said, I also drink a lot of unflavoreds. :)

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